Why Sign on?

It’s Time to Stop and Think!Here are just a few reasons why:• Out-of-control tar sands development has made Alberta the pollution capital of Canada; greenhouse gas emissions from this industry now represent the fastest growing source of Canada’s global warming pollution.• People living in communities downstream from tar sands mines and tailings ponds are being diagnosed with rare forms of cancer and auto-immune disorders.

• First Nations have been consistently excluded from consultation in project developments.

• Millions of acres of pristine boreal forest and wetlands are being lost and damaged to development.

• By 2012, daily natural gas use by the tar sands will equal the amount needed to heat every home in Canada each day.

• Up to 5 barrels of water are needed to produce 1 barrel of oil from the tar sands.

• An overheated economy means high inflation and a shortage of health care professionals, affordable housing and workers for critical infrastructure projects.

• Raw bitumen is being exported along with jobs and benefits.

• Alberta’s system for approving oil sands projects is broken and is not serving Albertans’ best interests.

Spread the Word

Want to help us spread the word? Here are a few quick and easy suggestions:
• Tell the world:
Forward this link far and wide and encourage people to sign-on to the call – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/no-new-approvals-on-tar-sands-developments
• Facebook:
Promote the petition to all your friends through Facebook! To add the petition, visit: http://apps.facebook.com/petitions/view?pid=882288252
• Blogs and Websites:
If you blog or website you can promote the petition by adding the following coding:
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5 responses

3 02 2008
Nancy Ginzer

Who do we contact to have our local group to sign with the list of organizations (not the indivicual petition) opposing new developments in the tar sands?

27 04 2008
elizabeth hodgkinson

It is truly shameful for Canada to blatedly polute and destroy the environment .
In my view the oil is not worth it.

2 05 2008
Jocelyn Grosse

Short-term economic factors involving a few foreign and private corporations should not influence the Alberta Government – Alberta belongs to Alberta’s public. Our government should be working for the long-term interests of the public.

Critical habitat must be protected in Alberta, and this environmental protection MUST be properly staffed and funded. environmental impact assessment MUST be mandatory – that premier Ed Stelmach has declared that no impact assessment is necessary shows his true colours (his interest is with the oil companies not with Alberta’s public.)

22 05 2008
Susan MacNutt-Martin

In a world where the environment is in crisis, adding yet another proven polluter to the list is nothing less than shameful. To put the almighty dollar ahead of the planet is shortsighted to say the least . . . and we are all well aware that money is the driving force behind these projects. Instead of developing petroleum resources at greater cost and greater pollution, we should promote and fund the development of clean resources that don’t destroy what we have.

27 07 2008
Mark Goldsworthy

Stop the devestation, this world is suffering due to the closed mindedness of politicians and corporate leaders. It’s time you lived up to the term leaders because when I look at our government I see cowards!

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