Some of our signatories

Just some of the groups and individuals that have already signed on to the call. Add your own name by clicking here. Add your group by emailing

Alberta Based Groups or organizations:

Albertans Demand Affordable Housing
Alberta Federation of Labour
Alberta Wilderness Association
Arusha Centre
Bow River Keepers
Calgary Presbytery, United Church of Canada
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Calgary/Banff
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Northern Alberta Chapter
Citizens Advocating Use of Sustainable Energy (CAUSE)
Citizens for Responsible Development (Industrial Heartland)
Citizens for a Sustainable Okotoks
Council of Canadians (Prairie Chapter)
Edmonton Small Press Association
Faith and the Common Good (Calgary)
Federation of Alberta Naturalists
Fort Saskatchewan Naturalist Society (FSNS)
Green Communities Edmonton Association
GREENPEACE Canada (Alberta Office)
Jasper Environmental Association
KAIROS (Calgary Chapter)
KAIROS (Edmonton-Committee)
KAIROS (Grande Prairie)
Keepers of the Athabasca
Lavesta Area Group
Northeast Sturgeon County Industrial Landowners
Oil Sands Truth
Parkland Institute
Peace River Environmental Society
Peace Valley Environment Association
Pembina Institute
Polaris Institute
S.A.L.T. (Seniors Action Liason Team Edmonton)
Sierra Club of Canada, Prairie Chapter
Sierra Youth Coalition, Prairie Chapter
Solar Energy Society of Canada the S.ands (Calgary) sands O.perations P.ermanently (Edmonton)
Tipping Point Project
Toxics Watch Society
Unitarian Church Social Justice Committee
West Athabasca Watershed Bioregional Society

National/International Groups or Organizations:

Alternatives North
The Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network (ARSN)
BC Sustainable Energy Association
Beyond Nuclear
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
Conservation Society of Pohnpei (Micronesia, Pacific Ocean)
Corporate Ethics International
Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians (BC/Yukon Chapter)
Council of Canadians (London Chapter)
David Suzuki Foundation
Eastern Co-operative Health Organization (ECHO)
Ecology North (NWT)
Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island
Environmental Justice and Climate Coalition
Faith and the Common Good (Calgary)
Forest Ethics
Friends of the Earth (Canada)
Friends of the Earth (United States)
Global Exchange
Indigenous Environmental Network
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature Saskatchewan
Physicians for Global Survival
Polaris Institute
Public Citizen
Rainforest Action Network
Rising Tide (Australia)
Rising Tide (North America)
Ruckus Society
Sierra Club of Canada
Sierra Youth Coalition
The Urban Farmer
U.S. Climate Emergency Council


(Here are just some of the growing list of people that have signed the call for no new approvals – see the full list and and your own by clicking here)

Dr. David Schindler, Killam Memorial Chair and Professor of Ecology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton

Stephen Lewis, Professor in Global Health, Faculty of Social Sciences,

McMaster University

Dr. Kevin P. Timoney, Ecologist and Water researcher.

Reverend Bill Phipps, Moderator of the United Church of Canada 1997-2000

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians

Ben Namakin, Program Manager Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Micronesia

Peter Julian, MP for Burnaby-New Westminster


4 responses

1 02 2008
Art Hughes

Even Conservative ex-premier of Alberta, Peter Lougheed, is calling for at least a slowdown of tar sands development. The irresponsible, ill-conceived wholesale marketing of Alberta’s non-renewable resources for short-term profit is short-sighted at best. The degree to which the commitment of Alberta’s fresh water resources (owned by ALL Albertans) for tar sands development demonstrates a lack of understanding by politicians for the consequences of such actions, and seems to smack of a sense of ownership by these same politicians. What kind of example is this for the Alberta’s future generations? What will be left for them? Are todays politicians willing to accept the legacy by which they will be remembered…the bargain-basement prices for the province and their futures?

2 02 2008
Mary Ann Coleman

Enough already!

28 04 2008
Janis Warne

Mr. Stelmach, the oil in the tar sands is not going anywhere on its own, so why the rush to sell it to the US? Even some oil executives and high-profile Albertans like Peter Lougheed are calling for new development to be put on hold. You are using up fresh water and natural gas to extract a dirty fuel that will leave a legacy of pollution and devastated land. Today it is increasingly clear that the Alberta economy is dysfunctional because of this “boom,” and Albertans, indeed all of us, are paying the price. Have you considered what kind of Alberta you are leaving for future generations?

11 07 2008
Krisjanis Silins

This madness must stop…

Our economies are totally reliant on fossil fuels….and recent events, such as price hikes and inter-related fallout on world food prices, goes to show how utterly inflexible our economies truly are…

We have the chance right now to start transforming our way-of-life….The industrialized nations are rich beyond measure NOW; we have the technology now; we have the money to do it now.

Fossil Fuels will still be profitable for a short while…we must avoid this greed….

Human beings often think they are so intelligent, that at times this overconfidence enables us to do very stupid things…the Tar-sands is a prime example of this.

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