No New Approvals Business Challenge

To Whom It May Concern:

As you may be aware the fast paced development of the Alberta tar sands is causing growing concern not only in response to environmental devastation, but also for their negative social and economic impacts on communities across the province and right here in Edmonton.

The Alberta economy is overheated, we are experiencing high inflation, and increasing labour demands up north are making it harder to find workers here. We are also seeing heightened stress on essential services, infrastructure, businesses, business owners, and employers. Our environment, local businesses and social infrastructure are suffering.

In the midst of these stresses I would like to extend an open invitation to you and your business to sign the no new approvals for tar sands development pledge.

As signatories of the pledge, you would be joining with other businesses that are calling, with one voice, for Alberta to take the first step in releasing this pressure and take a pause on new tar sands approvals and lease sales. We need time to rebalance our priorities, to diversify and re-localize our economy and to deal with the environmental, infrastructure and labour strains we are currently experiencing. The time is now to pause and deal with the environmental and social concerns that tar sands have helped to create.

Regardless of the reason, there is one thing all our signatories agree on – the first step is to stop adding to the problem so we have the time to work on some solutions.
Here is the pledge:

“We, the undersigned business owners/managers of Alberta, believe that we need a pause on tar sands approvals and leases issued in Alberta. We petition the Government of Alberta to cease leasing and approving tar sands development as a first step in controlling tar sands development. We urge the Government of Alberta to use this time to work on solutions that would address the variety of concerns associated with this development.”

Please stand with us and demand no new approvals for tar sands development.

Please e-mail and/or phone Climate and Energy Campaigner to sign the no new approvals pledge.

Mike Hudema
Greenpeace, Canada
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact: Mike Hudema, Climate and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada 780-504-5601,

BUSINESSES that have already signed on:

Cafe Terra

Carbon Busters Inc. (Edmonton, Alberta)

Global Resource Efficiency Services (GRES) (Edmonton, Alberta)

Goosetongue Guiding and Consulting Inc. (Banff, Alberta)

Healing River Holistics, Edmonton

Healing and Wholeness (Edmonton, Alberta)

Howell-Mayhew Engineering, Inc., Edmonton

I Am Designs, Edmonton

Interiors on Main (Camrose, Alberta)

Muddy Waters Cafe (Edmonton, Alberta)

Radical Business (Edmonton, Alberta)

Remedy Cafe (Edmonton, Alberta)

Ritualistics Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing (Edmonton, Alberta)

Solar Energy Society of Alberta – Northern Alberta Chapter

Sugar Bowl (Edmonton, Alberta)

Sustainability Solutions Group

TulaJane Eco Events


One response

22 05 2008
Marnie Mellish

I am the Green Party of Canada candidate for Burlington Ontario. I am very worried that some of our elected politicians do not seem to care about protecting our people, or planet. There will not be much profit for big business once the tipping points are reached yet they could easily restructure now to provide much needed research and development, plan for both sustainability and profit, provide true ‘green’ jobs. Please, invest in Canadians and our future. That is the ethical and moral decision to make. mlm

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