No New Approvals

We, the undersigned, represent diverse interests and individual priorities to our concern about the future of Alberta. We represent {environmental, social, conservation, labour, health, treaty rights, forestry, land use, humanitarian, water and economic concerns}; but we are united in our concern about the impact that out-of-control development of the oil sands is having on all areas of the province and beyond.

We are calling, with one voice, for Alberta to take the first step for a cessation of new oil sands approvals and lease sales. The time is now to stop the uncontrolled oil sands development and deal with the environmental and social concerns that it has created.

Regardless of the reason, there is one thing we all agree on – the first step is to stop adding to the problem.

No new approvals on oil sands development!


Hear former Premier of Alberta Peter Lougheed’s take on oil sands development at

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25 01 2008
Marco Campan

To continue approving oil sand leases is completely negligent, and a demonstration of the Alberta’s governments flippant attitude towards the environment, Albertans health, and climate change policies (or lack there of!). The government of past and present and all those involved should be held accountable for lost royalties to the extent that they should reimburse Albertans the billions ‘given’ to industry and the environment!

The current government should be abolished!

25 01 2008
Jess Warren

I prefer a government that is not willing to condemn its own citizens to cancer to satisfy industry greed.

26 01 2008
Brenda Brochu

Reckless development is threatening our environment and the social structure of our communities.

26 01 2008
Evelyn Schuler

nd. Please stop and rethink this project to serve the US glottony for oil!

27 01 2008
knut mnoller

First solve the problems from existing developments to the environment, infrastructure and social condition

29 01 2008
Nafisa Jadavji

Something needs to be done!!!

29 01 2008
Gail Meston

We need to reduce our requirements for oil & gas rather than continue with status quo and destroy the planet. Environmental responsibility must replace economic growth as the motivating factor for all of our business decisions. To increase production at the oil sands is unacceptable and will result in both environmental and economic disaster.

29 01 2008
Marissa Warren

No new tar sands are needed!!!

31 01 2008
Anke Seifried

Show me how the land is reclaimed, show me how the water is cleaned up so it can become part of the water cycle, show me how good the groundwater quality is, show me how clean the air is, show me how healthy the people are before any more development is even considered.

31 01 2008
K. McLaughlin-Phillips

Alberta is on a course of environmental and social disaster – a legacy of haphazard tar sands expansion without adequate research, monitoring, infrastructure or accountability.

31 01 2008
Dean Cofell

The problems caused by the developement of the ol sands are not a myth, Mr. Stelmach!

31 01 2008
david schindler

We must solve several problems before allowing more oilsands expansions.
1. The excessive greenhouse emissions and low efficiency of extraction.
2. THe excessive water use and water pollution.
3. Reclamation of the extensive pits that are left by the mines.
4. Resolution of the contribution of the tar sands to the health problems in Fort
5. A solution to the high emissions of acid-rain causing SO2 and NOx.
Promises are no longer good enough, with a development of this magnitude.

31 01 2008
Charlene Bekolay

There needs to be more consideration for the environmental effects of economic development!

31 01 2008
Brian Sayer

Just stop! These devlopments need to be stopped until a impartial independent studies are done to determine what impact that will be done to the enviroment.
Lets also see how the the land is going to be reclaimed.

1 02 2008
Mark Tipperman

It is abhorrent that oil sands development and extraction continues unabated without any serious consideration of or mitigation of the significant consequences. There is no rational justification for continuing to approve additional oil sands development and extraction unless the adverse effects can and are quantified and obviated.

1 02 2008
Marnie Walsh

The Albertan government should not put its own current prosperity ahead of critical issues such as public health and the environment. They have a unique opportunity to show real leadership on this issue, and to become a a shining example of sustainable development. Let’s hope they seize their chance!

1 02 2008
Mel Roman

I am really concerned about the oil sands project in Alberta.The oil sands will be one of the worlds largest single sources of pollution. How can we in the western world ask the developing world like China and India to make any concessions for the environment when we aren’t willing to forgo some short-term profits for the sake of all? We need to show some leadership! What good are short-term profits when we don’t have clean air and water, and when the climate continues to wreak havoc because of our disregard for the environment?

1 02 2008
Anne Streeter

Enough is enough. It is time to stop before further damage is done. I can’t believe what is happening to that section of the country. To contunue to lay waste in this manner is sheer insanity!

2 02 2008
John Mark Robertson

It’s a filthy technology to extract a resource that is running out.

2 02 2008
Brenda Harrison

STOP! I’m only 17 and I know that this will destroy our amazing province and country. If a teenager understands that, then there is something wrong!
I ask why? Why does Canada have to ruin the environment to supply the US with something they lost in the first place?
There are scientists that believe the earth will practically die by 2015!! If we continue the way we are then it will come true. I won’t even be 25 by then, how is that fair?

2 02 2008
Patricia Molchan

We should not be having this conversation at this point in time. The World already knows and understands what type of effect the Alberta Tar Sands is having and will have on our future environment.

Frankly, I don’t think society as a whole (and I mean the rest of the world) is going to put up with this type of activity for much longer. Why should they? We’re acting like criminals and flaunting it. And in the name of what? Canada’s economy? Pretty soon I don’t think the health of our “economy” is going to matter much to the rest of the world if we don’t change our ways.

We must start behaving more responsibly and stop all oil production at the Tar Sands – NOW! And start embracing alternative and sustainable energy sources. There is a whole new economy out there – one that will have a POSITIVE impact on our environment.

5 02 2008
Jane D

“I meant no harm. I most truly did not.
But I had to grow bigger. So bigger I got.
I biggered my factory. I biggered my roads.
I biggered my wagons. I biggered the loads
of the Thneeds I shipped out. I was shipping them forth
to the South! To the East! To the West! To the North!
I went right on biggering…selling more Thneeds.
And I biggered my money, which everyone needs.”

-from The Lorax, by Dr. Suess

5 02 2008
Al Cushing

The problem is not a shortage of oil. We do not need the resources of the tar sands. We need to examine all the possible solutions to energy production and select those that are appropriate to location and use; methane from waste, solar, run of the rive hydro, wind, tidal, wave action and so forth. Let us not spend our tax and royalty dollars on subsidizing international for profit corporations but on developing alternate energy sources and methods of reducing consumption. We should support those willing adopt energy saving measures.

8 02 2008

Alberta government – wake up! Do you really believe there won’t be a price to pay for this destruction of our wondeful natural resources? Do you at all care about our children and their children? If you do, then PLEASE put a cap on this and realize money doesn’t always FIX the problems or bring back what is destroyed or lost. The imbalance and overuse of our lands is out of control and Alberta is becoming toxic place live and I’m not just speaking about environmental toxins.
It would be so refreshing to have a government who would keep a balance by showing honor and respect the land and people while considering the future ( for real ) not just saying this to win elections

10 02 2008
Phyllis Gillanders

To the Conservatives: Stop this insanity.

13 02 2008

As a stepping stone to removing once and for all the most disastrous of ecological damage, no new approvals is only a step but a step in the right direction. We must avoid trying to buy our way out of the problem, whether through buying tracts of land or buying carbon credits.

There are major issues that go beyond “just” one of the worst threats to water and the climate itself. This project is destroying what is left of the social safety net in Alberta, decimating access to affordable housing, undermining unions and migrant internal workers and is set to push forth the largest jump in temporary foreign workers in history. The impacts on indigenous communities, far and near from the tarpits themselves is near genocidal proportions. The raise in violence against women and the explosion of the survival sex trade (sometimes, merely for a roof over their heads for one night) is astronomical. And most of this project is being used to prop up the US energy needs so they can maintain their murderous wars around the world– which are also usually about oil.

Enough. Let’s shut down the tar sands, and for heavens sakes: no new approvals.

13 02 2008
Leo Campos A.

Thank you for organizing this effort – we need, indeed, we must find a sustainable way to retreat from this path of insanity and it must include everyone who cares enough, right, centre, left, you name it.

14 02 2008
Sonya Weir

Why are we still so shortsighteed? The scientists have warned us and we still do not listen. What will it take for us to cease and desist this frenzied digging into the Earth?

15 02 2008
David Long

Alberta is the envy of much of Canada – and undoubtedly the U.S.- in terms of our natural resources and financial strength. It is time for all Albertans to call on people in government and industry to take seriously the privilege and responsibility they have to care for the future of the people and the Land of this province. It is nothing less than a sacred trust that simply cannot and must not be sold to the highest and/or most powerful bidder.

15 02 2008
Kurt Blaikie-Birkigt

Whatever way you measure it (kilojoules, labour-hours, etc.) Oil is worth too much to expect that it will be left in the ground forever. But that doesn’t mean we need to exploit it as fast as we can without any concern for the consequences. The Oil isn’t going to go bad, it’s value is just going to go up, let’s SLOW DOWN.
We can leave the tar in the sand until we’ve figured out how to exploit it without the massive environmental, social, health and other costs, or better yet, reduced our energy needs and developed new energy sources that make the burning of fossil fuels obsolete.

15 02 2008
Jennifer Thoss

I am not a scientist but I do know that oil is a finite resource. Energy and lifestyle alternatives are for more important in today’s “climate”. Quality of life must be redefined in order to lessen our dependance on oil… a FINITE resource. Let’s reassess our priorities. A healthy environment is more important than short term financial gain for a very few elite corporate yes-men. A change of government is a good place to start!

15 02 2008
Vanessa Ali

When, oh, when are we going to have leadership in this province and this country that truly listens to the people and advocates on OUR behalf, putting the needs of the environment and future generations first and foremost?

If there’s no water, we can’t drink the oil.
If there’s no air, we can’t breathe the smog.
If there’s no food, we can’t eat oily, sticky sand or dollar bills.
If there’s no affordable housing, we can’t shelter under an oil rig.

Government is supposed to be FOR the people, NOT the puppet of Big Oil, Multinationals and Neo Cons. Do what is best for us, our precious, beautiful planet and for the hopeful future of all sentient beings.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. ” ~ Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

16 02 2008
F Brodie

Enough is enough
Our environment is at stake
Why aren’t we doing the right thing?
This is continuing yet again to place $$$ over our world
And of course, safety regulations won’t be up to code for any of the environmental issues, just like all the rest
This one won’t be any different

16 02 2008

It is disgusting that we have to beg for our leaders to listen to what is right.

Thank you for organizing this forum.

16 02 2008
Martin Lankau

please stop the continued expansion, it looks horrible from aerial photos, it must look just as bad on the ground.

17 02 2008
Ebe Lorberg

The speed of the captioned resources ‘development’ is tantamount to war on our environment, with consequences that cannot be fathomned at present, certainly not under the ‘Business as Usual’ mantraed leadership. Adding nuclear reactors is unconscionable, as pointed out by G. Edwards, and others. Oil has other applications and should be conserved. Energy for stationary uses can be obtained from less harmful sources, as demonstrated around us. Our policies ought to reflect a concerted move in environmentally harmless and sustainable directions. Read W. Marsden: Stupid to the Last Drop; T. Flannery: Weather Makers; Monbiot: Heat; Simpson et al: Hot Air; and several other publications concerning climate change. For socio-political backing try Naomi Klein: Shock Doctrine. – Sense the connection?

18 02 2008
Vaida Siga

The social and environmental economies of our province are being devastated as the leaders of the province (both business and government) bury their heads in the sand. I suggest that before any decisions are made to expand tarsand exploitation that each and every decisin maker be required to live for one full year in the shadow of other tarsands projects…then the impact of their decision might have meaning.

18 02 2008
Diana Arnott

Wake up Conservatives! The people are speaking and we want you to listen. We have a diaster on our property (the tar sands do belong to all Alberta residents, not oil companies) created by the Conservatives and their big oil friends. Seeing the Conservatives won’t listen, the voters will sceam it loud and clear on election day when you are no longer in full control.
Diana Arnott, Medicine Hat NDP

19 02 2008
Morie Ford

We can make a difference – we can have a voice – we can stand up to big political groups and business and say NO – we can tell them what we want and we we will will support – we have to speak and act now – spread the word – say NO NEW APPROVALS.

20 02 2008
Ken Allred

While I am concerned about the potential consequences of the rapid expansion of the Oil Sands, I am concerned that a blanket policy of no new approvals must be preceded by a full study of all of the environmental and economic consequences of a moratorium. I am therefore giving a qualified endorsement of your plea for no new approvals.

21 02 2008
Andy Hengst

We need to do the right thing for Alberta, for the climate, for all our friends who own nat. gas furnaces and could run out of heat one of these years. I also have to wonder how we ended up in this spot. It might help if all these external costs (many of which we Albertans are already paying) become part of the economy and get transferred to the consumer. But putting that in place would interfere with somebody’s investment, somebody’s pension plan, or somebody’s legally defined duty to their shareholders. So it won’t “just happen”. (I guess we all know that)
I hope we find ways to avoid predicaments like these, pronto. The little battles are getting bigger but this here is the big one as I see it.

Meanwhile, fuel for bargain flights to faraway lands is not being taxed enough. And if we fly, our hands stay clean and we feel no guilt, and there’s no shame when we’re back. (but wait, we might get Hep B from a nail clipper!) This disconnect needs to be fixed. And….

Stop new tar sands developments.

24 02 2008
Jane Leaper

If humankind is going to stop runaway global warming we need to leave a large part of the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. It makes sense to leave those that cost the most to extract, both environmentally and economically. That means leaving the tarsands.

I moved to Alberta two years ago, ignorant of what the tarsands industry is about. Now that I do know, I’m appalled by the greed and stupidity of the tarsands industry and the politicians who have allowed it. Canada should be condemned by the international community for its irresponsibility.

26 02 2008
Andrew Patrick

Stop Stop Stop!!! No more unabated devastation. Too many scars that need healing…We need new thinking and new life in the halls of the legislature more than ever…Love and Peace.

27 02 2008
Arya Boustani

It is the only time to force oil producers to change their gear to alternative energy while their pockets are full. It brings more pressure to everyone to do it later when we have more energy crisis and there is shortage of money and resources. Transition to alternative energy is a long process and needs time to develop the infrastructure. The Oilsands operation has gone beyond its most invasive project of human being and is bringing multilateral destruction to our environment and communities. Therefore we need to put a cap on its expansion.

28 02 2008
Fred Opal

Alberta has less than four million population. In Alberta, there are other alternative energy resources like wind energy that is not developed. Therefore, further tar sands projects must be stopped. Government must study tar sands environmental and social costs before allowing any new development. With small population of this province, there is no need for these projects for well-being of the citizen of this province.

5 03 2008
Lindsey Wallis

Why are we still allowing industry to rape and pillage our natural resourses? The role of government should be to regulate and check industry not to get in bed with her! Right now we cannot justify the enormous social and environmental cost of the tar sands simply by increasing royalties. Until these projects can go ahead without causing harm they should not be allowed to go ahead, no matter how much short term economic benefit they may bring.

6 03 2008
Nolan Jones

I heard as the CEO of BP was flying over the tailings ponds in the tar sands he said, “Who is going to clean up this mess.” This is scary. The ignorance and greed are getting out of control. The people in Alberta are experiencing temporary financial benefits, but the majority of them don’t seem to realize the consequences. It is not sustainable, and this will be able to go on for that much longer. For every action there is a reaction. With projects this significant; the consequences will be as well. My hope is the innocent will be the least harmed, and that there will be a shift in appreciating the power of the natural environment. I feel it is going to get worse before it can get better. People in Alberta, for the most part, don’t understand that they have more than they need, and it’s harsh that that they won’t realize this until they won’t have the basic necessities for living.

8 04 2008
jack century

Uncontrolled development of the tar/oil sands, bitumen and heavy oil in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and in other global areas rich in carbon intensive fuels is like living in a “Fool’s Paradise” because it shows no respect for future generations. Rational, staged economic and environmental development is possible to satisfy Canadian domestic interests while developing better alternate, sustainable energy supplies. At the same time we have the ability to become
role models of the highest standards for others to follow.

The People United Can Never Be Defeated !

19 04 2008
Teri Millis

Everyone seems to be walking this earth trying to find a purpose in life. Just maybe, our purpose could be saving this beautiful planet we live on from our own greed and destruction. Time is running out…

23 04 2008
Joan Farkas

Stop development until regulations are put in place to force oil companies to clean up the mess they have already created.

25 04 2008
Johanna te Boekhorst

no new tar sands

25 04 2008
Shannon Foy

It amazes me that with our seeming abundance of natural resources, Canadians are still paying a premium price for products that are produced in Canada! Why? Because the Big Oil Companies are the only ones benefiting from these deals. They continuously cry that there are oil shortages which result in increasing prices and yet they record record profits every quarter! While they’re rolling in their piles of money, we’re all suffering the environmental consequences and having to clean up their mess!

25 04 2008
Wendy White

Dear Members of the Gov’ts of Alberta/Canada/World,
When will you begin to have the courage to stop being the puppets of corporations and/or money and start to truly work for all of the present and future citizens of our country and the world. Allowing the continued and escalating extraction of oil from the Tar Sands is negatively affecting the planet and all of it’s inhabitants now and will continue to do so for many decades, possibly centuries to come. Are you so intoxicated by the short-term finacial gain for a small percentage people that you feel what you are doing to the planet is somehow acceptable, or maybe excusable? It is not. Please stop this ‘blinded by money’ activity in the Tar Sands. Thank-you.

25 04 2008
michael jones

Unfortunately not only does it seem that the government,its people,and its policies reflect a true assumption that the their decesions are secure, stable, and based on a value, (as to quote popular american promotion), “WE THE PEOPLE” applitude. I feel it may very well be necessary to assert that the affirmation between the justfully honoured and the common ignorant aggitator might need justified reassesment. Premier I am aware that the current international community is suffering from a 1960’s (yet this time violent) resurgance, that generation put the west on the world stage as a power that cared and was working toward a solultion. Please don’t reject and eliminate your community out of fear and the need for order preservation, exclusive tendency behaviours deny THE PEOPLE. We request the preservation of the being the supplies us all with the air we breathe “mother earth”.

25 04 2008

It is about time this government opens it’s eyes to see the damage it is doing to our lands and natural resources. Think about your children and their future generations. What kind of air will be left to breath, what kind of food will grow when the earth is polluted more? This not only effects everyones elses family but your own also. There is no amount of money that will take away the deseases that will come from your greed for money that your children and your grandchildren will suffer because of your choice of material gain over their lives.
You have no right to destroy so many lives and pollute the land.

25 04 2008
Sugar Bouche.

STOP ! Raping this land.

25 04 2008
Bruno Rosato

Greed…Greed…Greed. Karma will take care of these people…

25 04 2008
Bruce Babin

We need to get this under control before we loose our beautiful Alberta forever!

25 04 2008
Annick Torfs

Let’s concentrate our investments on developing electric cars and clean energy facilities.

25 04 2008
sherry ann chapman

When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?
(Recalling the sound of Pete Seeger)

Please listen.

25 04 2008
David Gluth

Can we just use the old phrase “STOP THE INSANITY’, that is all I can say because all the points that should be listened to have been made….They are just not listening

25 04 2008
Nancy Kelman

I am all for developing the tar sands as soon as they have found an environmentaly safe way to do it. So come on Premier Stelmach get your priorities in the correct order. We need green oil sands development.

25 04 2008
Chris Chhatwal




25 04 2008
Quinn Patrick McCann

My name is Quinn Patrick McCann, I love Bob Hunter and I know that if he were still around this oil sand mess would be alot closer to it’s end once and for all. We need to be more like Mr. Hunter and take more action then just signing a petition. We need to make all of us Canadians aware of what is going on in Alberta. Fuck oil, Use soil. or something… Plant a tree. Everybody can help, but taking the time to do it is what it most important. The least we can do is overflow our Prime Minister Hitler, and Alberta’s Premier Mr. Stalemate, until they realize that this is more our country then theirs. I mean if it weren’t for us in the first place Harper and Stelmach would not be where they are today.

25 04 2008
Lenka Lichtenberg

As a mother of three, I find myself beyond concerned as to what kind of a world my children are inheriting. Wars over water, over resources…. the world is changing in front of our eyes, or rather, we are changing our world at an unprecedented pace – and the prognosis is absolutely scary. We are so lucky to live in a country that “has it all” and yet we are squandering it away, due to short-sighted policies and lack of leadership. I feel terrible for my children, everybody’s children. I tell them to find professions in which they can help “save the world” but in all honesty, it will be to late for that. Action is needed yesterday, or at least now.

25 04 2008
Christina Rennich

I believe the tar sands project is raging out of control. We Canadians need to be investing in alternative energies which in turn will create it’s own economic opportunities. The environmental devastation and subsequent green house gases emmited from the tar sands projects, are a travesty, and mark canadians as a major contributer to global warming when instead we should be part of the solution.

Take the first step to stop to the new the oil sands approvals and lease sales.

For the sake of my children and yours, be responsible.

25 04 2008
Lisa Robertson

Crude Opportunities = Crude Consequences.

25 04 2008
Martin Aucoin

It requires too much water and energy to make oil out of the tar sands. It is only financially viable as long as oil prices are high. Even if they remain so, the toll on water supplies and the landscape in Northern Alberta is not worth it.

25 04 2008
Denise Parnell

Dear (!!) Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach

What is it you don’t understand about the following statement????????:
“As a Canadian, I have the right to demand that our leaders put a stop to our country’s most environmentally devastating project. Our resources are not yours to sell to the highest bidder.”.

25 04 2008
David Followes

To avoid invasion by the US, did we sell Alberta to them?

25 04 2008
Yvonne Harrison

God is watching, and He is not pleased.

25 04 2008
Cameron Marleau

All this oil money is nice for Alberta… too bad there won’t be much of a province left to enjoy it on after the oil pillaging.

25 04 2008
Taylor Mackey

We must try to curb our destructive industry before its too late, the tar sands would be a good first step in the right direction.

25 04 2008
Laurence Burris

Greed and Avarice aren’t family values. We have to save the Planet.

25 04 2008
Melodie Archer

I am a 2nd generation Albertan, my children – 3rd. I have never been so concerned over the fate of my province. The safe, clean environment that we held in trust for the future is being wiped out all for temporary greed. The U.S. and China will reap the oil and we will be left with an eccological nightmare. Human health is already being compromised and there is no way the oil companies will clean up the mess. Corporations are psycopathic by nature and this mess will be left to the provincial government, the people of Alberta to clean up…… if they can.

25 04 2008
Jennifer Campbell

The tar sands are a short-term solution with huge long term environmental consequences. It may save our economy in the short run, but it the long run it will bankrupt us all.

25 04 2008
Alex Day

Operating for decades on a stimulous package ensures that Albertans get environmental devistation and social frustrations for their resources. This resource is highly sought after and has a guaranteed future. What advantage is there in giving our oil away as fast as possible?

25 04 2008
Marilyn Dumont

We behave as if we have another environment that will sustain us after this one is destroyed. I do not want to look a back at the environmental disaster in the Tar Sands years from now and regret that we did not do something sooner. Let’s do something now.

25 04 2008
James Lavoie

The world would be a better place had we run out of oil 20 years ago. Its relative abundance has kept us too lazy to develop sources of renewable energy to the point of being economical alternatives. This does not give us license to sacrifice the environment and the future of the planet. Canadians, and Albertans in particular, need to send a clear message.

25 04 2008
Leanne Silva

It’s glaringly obvious that the detriments of the Tar Sands far outweigh the benefits. It is also glaringly obvious that it’s time to develop alternative energy sources that are not harmful to the environment or to human and animal health.

25 04 2008
Barry Cogswell

Future generations will consider these Alberta politicians as the worst form of criminals. The type of criminals who wish to condem the peoples of the world to an horrific future.

25 04 2008
Camille Lemieux

The focus needs to be on renewable energy sources and reduction of oil dependance. Canada COULD be a leader in this regard, but instead has chosen to take a back seat to a number of European countries and, yes, even our neighbours to the south. Shame on us. A short term financial windfall will be repaid with long term destruction, that in turn will undermine the prospects of future generations.

25 04 2008
Barry Cogswell

These current Alberta politicians, who support the Tar Sands development, will be judged by the peoples of the future who will suffer the results of this greed and irresponsibility.

25 04 2008
Gina McMurchy

The damage caused by tar sands is irreversible. Think now, act now–so the future is possible.

25 04 2008

Selling out to big oil through ignorance and greed will ultimately be Stelmach’s downfall and good ridence to all of these corrupt corporate puppets right across OUR CANADA!

25 04 2008
Rick Miners

The writing is on the wall … polar icecap melt, stronger and more unseasonal storm surges, peak oil concerns, rising food prices, hermaphroditic amphibians … and we must heed it. It points to a sustainable, economically sound approach with minimal environmental impact. The tar sands is anything but that. My question for you is simple: Are you doing your best to represent the people who elected you?

25 04 2008
Meghan Gray

To approve encourage projects such as the Tar Sands at this critical point in our life on earth is tantamount to suicide. Tough times require tough decisions not popular decisions. When will we have some true leaders step forward?

25 04 2008
Tricia Wands


25 04 2008
Desmond Wands


25 04 2008
Tricia Wands


25 04 2008
Beth Dunlop

Its past time to quit being such dinosaurs.

25 04 2008
Donald R.Donaldson

It is time for Canadian Politicians to think about the FUTURE of Canada not making DEALS for the U.S. and the OIL COMPANIES.
Show that you THINK about the FUTURE of the CHILDREN of today who will have NO FUTURE if you do not SHOW SOME INTESTINAL FORTITUDE!!

25 04 2008
Karen Kitchen

I am appalled by the actions of the federal government and the alberta government.

25 04 2008
Joni Zuch

What kind of a soul would chose Money over Good Health????
Future generations will question with disbelief, that our leaders would make such a ridiculous choice for their people. By way of this petition, we do not agree with the destruction the Tarsands are causing. There are always alternatives, use them.

26 04 2008

I’m 58 years old and often remember a ‘skit’ back in high school in 1967 in Ontario about ‘smog’! Government didn’t pay any attention then, when something could have been done and they are not paying any attention now. Now Toronto especially, but much of Ontario is drowning & choking in ‘smog’. We elect people to our government only to have them dance to the tune of big oil and other multinational companies with their own agendas. I fear for the future our children will inherit.

26 04 2008
Ramsay Malange

Canada can continue to be an economically strong country without relying on the Tar Sands, and as it is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in the world, it should not be developed further. We can look at countries like Sweden for role models on how to continue to grow economically while continuing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The tar sands should either stop being developed, or companies should pay the full cost of the development, rather than externalizing the costs (to the environment, the people of the area, and so on).

26 04 2008
Joseph Raglione

The Tar Sands are an extension of our Oil based economy. An economy that was created for and by the automobile. Drivers love their Cars and are grugingly willing to pay high prices for Gas. The faster we give drivers alternative vehicles, the quicker we will clean up our act! The Oil rich will continue to be rich because knowing them, they will simply invest their ill gotten fortunes into alternative energy sources, as for examples: systems.

26 04 2008
Kathryn Arsenault

Are you doing your best to represent the people who elected you? You definately aren’t.

26 04 2008
Barb Bentham

A beautiful dawn has arrived in my neighbourhood. Will we be able to say the same for the Tar Sands, once production is completed? Stop further exploitation of the Tar Sands, now!

26 04 2008
Greg Taylor

Mr. Stelmach,

This is clearly bad ecological and economical planning. Why is it that leaders such as you work on the mantra of “short term gain for long term pain”. The test of real leadership is to leave the world a better place decades from now, not just to buy votes to maintain power. The Athabasca oil sands development may accomplish the latter but will certainly not accomplish the former. Your leadership is really “Stupid Till the Last Drop”.

26 04 2008
Cheryl Grant

Finish what you started and stop! Listen to former Premier Lougheed and the citizens who elected you. Be cautious going forward. Think of your children. Do you want this planet in a worse condition when they are your age?

26 04 2008
Wendy Coates

It is unbelievable that the Alberta Government can not see the environmental disaster that the tar sands are creating. It is obvious! Open you eyes we can change this. Don’t let money, greed, big oil, and the U.S. need for more oil damage our children’s future. Listen to the people Mr. $telmach we dont want the tar sands….oil is not the only way!

26 04 2008
Gina Soranz

Has an immigrant in this amazing country I don’t understand how Canadiens, supposed to be well-educated and civilized people, can vote for and tolerate politicians like Mr. Harper and Mr. Stelmach.

26 04 2008
Judith Sept

I am a Canadian and proud to be. What is so frustrating , that we as Canadians do not think. We do not think long term, we do not consider , what is in the best interest for Canada and Canadians , for today and for many tomorrows. We react to the the demands of now only and the demands of the USA. Why are we not PROUD enough to think and care long term. Long term for the land , the animals, the water , the people who will live on this land , in this country years forth. Is it not time for Canadians to stand up and be proud and take action for Canada!. War over oil, in the Middle East you say, I say we have it right in our back door. In Alberta! Next Saskatchewan! A war with no gunbattle… we just let them take, and take and take. SHame on us! Shame on Canada! Shame on us!

26 04 2008
Graeme Muir

Please listen to the citizens of Canada and the world and rethink this course of action. Climate change is happening. The people of Alberta and Canada are sending you a strong message, please listen.

26 04 2008
Christopher Mansbridge

It is time to stop the madness of uncontrolled development. My grandchildren do not need or want the world you seem bent on making for them. Please give this some thought.

26 04 2008

It’s necessary to halt this now. It is dirty oil, and in addition the overheated construction has led to high inflation, lower wages in real dollars, and unjustifiably expensive or simply unavailable housing. The Stelmach solution is bring in slave labour with little or no protection from company greed. These workers have no rights and live only slightly better than in the third world nations they come from.

26 04 2008
Ton Van Haeren

As in many cases, in which politicians(= the big companies) are asking society for sacrifies in the name of progress and necesity, confortably and conveniently forgetting consciently that the effects will harm JUST AND ONLY Nature and People.
Politicias know that they are just for the publicity and the time that they have a seat in parliament, and therefore will get away with their (say: big companies’/ their beneficials’) decisions and therefore the accountabilities and responsibilities and are able to hide themselves in their big homes and cottages and behind their rich friends in the U.S.A.
In other words: we can’t afford to trust politicians and have to act ourselves to save nature and, therefore, ourselves.

27 04 2008
Diane St. John

The tar sands projects are increasing the rate of cancer of inhabitants down stream. At the very least, the oil industry should be required to clean up after themselves. If they cannot or do not, then these projects should not be permitted by the Alberta Government.

27 04 2008
Jean Michel Valiquette

There is a limit to economic growth at any price. We should take actions ourselves. If we don’t, the planet will solve the problem by itself and wipe us out.
There is much we can do as individuals, even in face of the mega oil companies: walk, bicycle, smaller cars or hybrids, etc.
We better start now or not much will be left for the next generation, and nothing for the following one.

27 04 2008

Take a stand and be remembered as the premier that saved Alberta and put a stop to the destruction of your province to line oil execs pockets!

27 04 2008
Shane Miersch

When governments fail to act on behalf of the people they represent, that is the people of Alberta, radical action will be required. The oil money may have put you there Mr. Stelmach, but the people will remove you. In the mean time they will embarrass you and harass you until their voice is heeded. Act responsibly and stop the tar sands. For Canada, head off perhaps our greatest environmental disaster to this date; one that is totally within our means to put an end to.

28 04 2008

It is time for all leaders to use, promote and profit from more environmentally sound sources of energy. Any time we take materials from beneath the earth’s crust we are harming our environment – something we can’t afford to do anymore. For our children and grand children’s sake – please turn your energy from oil to wind, solar, hydro or one of the many more environmentally friendly forms of energy.

28 04 2008
Dr. Martin McNamara

Very little forethought went into the development of this resource. Clearly big business is, once again, in charge.
A sad commentary on the government’s sense of responsibility and accountability.

28 04 2008
Bill Piggott

The environment must take precedence over tar sands development and Oil Industry profits.

28 04 2008
Clint Schile

Stop speeding-up the problem – stop approvals on new oil sands developments.

28 04 2008

Environmental advocacy, conservation and protection are not superficial trends but are necessary re-actions to the pervasive degradation of our homes. Change is not easy but we can and must adapt to current global needs. Let us begin by recognizing and acknowledging the destruction the tar sands are producing on land, by water and in air. Stop the tar sands!

28 04 2008
H. Thwaites

WAKE UP! Do you really believe there won’t be a price to pay for the destruction of our natural resources? Do you care about our children and their children? If you do, then realize money doesn’t always FIX the problems or bring back what is destroyed or lost.
We must solve several problems before allowing more oilsands expansions.
1. The excessive greenhouse emissions and low efficiency of extraction.
2. THe excessive water use and water pollution.
3. Reclamation of the extensive pits that are left by the mines.
4. Resolution of the contribution of the tar sands to the health problems in Fort
5. A solution to the high emissions of acid-rain causing SO2 and NOx.
Promises are no longer good enough, with a development of this magnitude.

Oil is worth too much to expect that it will be left in the ground forever. But that doesn’t mean we need to exploit it as fast as we can without any concern for the consequences. The Oil isn’t going to go bad, it’s value is just going to go up, so let’s SLOW DOWN.
We can leave the tar in the sand until we’ve figured out how to exploit it without the massive environmental, social, health and other costs, or better yet, reduce our energy needs and develop new energy sources that make the burning of fossil fuels obsolete.
Please forgive my plaigerizing of some of the comments of others. There are so many good ideas here. Is it too much to ask that decision makers put aside their greed and try a different approach?

28 04 2008
M Glasgow

Enough is enough. When will big money and big oil stop destroying the land and polluting the air?

28 04 2008
Mike Eaton

Continued Tar Sands development is irresponsible on two grounds:
1.) Potentially very damaging to the environment .
2.) The value of this resource will increase hugely in real terms as the shortage of oil boosts its price. Keep this legacy for a future generation where hopefully better processing methods will be developed.

(See the editorial on “Alberta and Norway” in the April edition of the CCPA Monitor.)

29 04 2008
Pamela Pedersen

Comtinuing to ignore the voice of the people of Alberta and the rest of Canada, as well as the voices of a myriad of scientists who all deplore the looming environmental disaster the oil sands exploitation is causing, is one of the worst examples of human stupidity and greed I have seen to date.

29 04 2008
Teprine Baldo

You cannot take money to the grave, but your lust for money and power will help send people to an early grave due to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Is it not time to start acting like the adults we are and protect our home, children and future. There are ways to progress with oil development that is not as harmful to the environment. Please consider signing agreements with companies with the survival of people and the environment in their business plans. All the business people who come here for our resources are not here because they love Canada, they are here to get the best deal at the lowest price and that is what our governments are is doing. Selling away our future at low cost to the businesses and high cost to Canadians. Do you really love this country? It does not matter how rich you are, polluted air will reach your lungs too, so please, for the sake of all life, be kind, develop responsibly and follow previous models that work like the ones in Finland.

30 04 2008
Caroline Monette

WHYYYYY ?!?! It just doesn’t make any sense to be doing this to our environment ! Wake up please before it’s too late… Shame on the government ! Stop the tar sand !!!

30 04 2008
Cheryl Fairbairn

We, the voters, demand that you consider the environment when approving projects involving the tar sands and balance the environment and the economy at the very, very least.

30 04 2008
Nicola Morris

These are not the voices of the people of Alberta, but the people of Canada. I am from Ontario and I care greatly about the future of Canada. The Development of Tar Sands is devastating on our land and an extremely dirty way to derive a resource that will eventually be depleted anyway. Lets change our thinking and go for the right solution, not the easy one. We need to invest in renewable energy, not bandaid solutions that cost much more in the long run.

1 05 2008
Youri Cormier

Don’t be fooled by the notion of economic growth. The tar sands are generating wealth for a few and not for the many. And the wealth they exploit now will be paid for by generations to come.

1 05 2008
Carol Kagerer

If we want to keep our earth for the next generation,we must all do our part to save it.I as an average citizen have known this since I was a child.We must act now to preserve this earth or it won’t sustain life as we know it.It is a sad state of affairs to look around out country and find so many polluted sites,lakes rivers,and children with breathing problems.This has got to stop now.We are on very shaky ground here.Mother earth is screaming out for help,and so am I.My children know this and act accordingly.There are many technologies to use other than oil.Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is more important to our society as a whole.Let’s not depend on oil any longer.We can do it.Many places in Europe are doing it,as well as the netherlands.Let us become a model to the rest of the world.Government must stop now.We can do it and do it now.Target date today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is possible.
Let the worlds oil moguls wallow in it.We want to live a clean wholesome life,now and in the future.Without the immediate change We will be doomed as a species on earth.Clean up your act now.Stop the tar sands.Use wind, water,solar,french fry oil,ethanol from waste sites etc.,and listen to the experts.
I respect mother earth and raise my organic garden,re-use,re-purpose,use canvas shopping bags,use non toxic products in my home and outdoors.she will give back ten fold.Clean it up now, for our children,and all of humanity.It can and must be done now.
Have respect for our earth and our universe,and all of it’s creatures.Leave it better than when you found it.Replace,re-use recycle,don’t pollute our atmosphere any longer.Tread lightly on this earth of ours now and rectify all the damage we have done.I have done my part and am always looking for ways to do more to help.
Please stop the tar sands now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sincerely a caring inhabitant

1 05 2008

This has to be stopped Now. It would One step closer to a healthier future for all animals and mankind.

1 05 2008
Laurel R

The tar sands make it embarrassing to be an Albertan. There has to be a balance between the tar sands and wildlife, which currently is way out of balance.

1 05 2008
Judy Brown

It’s time that politicians stopped listening to Industry and listened to the voters…this situation is a fine example of what MONEY can buy!

1 05 2008
Lucia Asara

Please, listen to the citizens of the whole world, a climate change is happening and the damage is irreversible, we must fight until the end…

1 05 2008
Elaine Hughes

What’s even worse than the death of the ducks is Premier Stelmach’s reaction to it: Lack of remorse or guilt; Callous/lack of empathy; Failure to accept responsibility for own actions…not a very promising picture!

1 05 2008
Jean-Jo. Bellamy

I really do wonder how far we will have to dig into these tar sands before any government common sense will prevail? The world is watching and started to do some finger-pointing at us Canadian.

1 05 2008

This project disgusts me in all ways possible. It is an embarassment to be living in a country where people holding positions of power have the ignorance to proceed with the status quo when sign after sign is pointing towards danger in further development of the tar sands. If Canadians share the common goal of a clean, protected environment for all then surely we can come together to turn this mess around. There’s no way we can continue to ignore this issue. By doing nothing we are accepting the deluded decisions that politicians make or don’t make everyday.

1 05 2008
Bill Brown

This is not responsible or sustainable development of limited resources. The cost to the environment must be a factor that developers accept as part of the equation of resource development. The rubber stamp process that permits the current pace of tar sands exploitation must be put to rest!

1 05 2008
Joy taylor

Stephen Harper’s life may be on the skids
But he should worry about the life of his kids.
If he does..then he should know
The Tar Sands have definitely got to go!

1 05 2008
Kevin Saldanha

It is deplorable that instead of pursuing alternative sources of energy, the Albertan government continues to feed our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels at the expense of the environment and local health of all life including human.

The current spike in fuel prices is only a long overdue correction that brings North America in line somewhat with what other people pay for fuel. Unfortunately, it is also a hook to exploit non-renewable resources which were otherwise not considered lucrative enough to develop.

At what point do we say enough is enough???

1 05 2008
Mike Olivier

Shitty environment means a shitty economy. You can’t keep taking without giving. Give the tarsands a rest.

1 05 2008
Aftab Erfan

It broke my heart to hear this week about the 500 migratory birds that were killed on the tailing ponds outside Fort McMurray. Last summer I was one in a group of 20 youth to bike through Alberta to see the oil sands for ourselves. As we rode north of Fort McMurray we found ourselves right in the middle of the tailing ponds – a grey and black landscape with cannons going off every once in a while to scare birds away. It felt like being in a war zone. The birds that were killed this week are not the only victims of this development.

2 05 2008
Daniel Bogert-O'Brien

The false economy of the Tar Sands and the Oil Patch has destroyed not only wet land but is a direct threat to rural communities and agricultural in Alberta. Many rural Albertans realize that the expansion of tar sands operations is not wise economically and more importantly destructive to the well being of Albertans. Sadly, the foolishness of past governments structured an economy around the oil patch and this has had and will have devastating impact on the well being of Albertans. This has been papered over by that most deceptive of measures, money. With a growing social deficit and an immense deficit in the “real economy” already apparent, it is time to use the intelligence and good sense of Albertans to construct a durable and human economy that revitalizes rural communities and cities alike. Like the poppy fields in Afghanistan, the oil patch in Alberta has been one of the most destructive economies in the history of the province and the country that exports its destructive product and pattern through out the world. It is time we begin to construct a human economy not a petroleum based economy and a province and a world based on the good work of its people.

2 05 2008
Joan Rosebush

To see the devastation of our land (and it does belong to all of us, the people of Canada) is heartbreaking.

2 05 2008
Sue Stroud

The biggest scar on the face of the earth now graces Alberta and defaces Canada. It’s not the birds who should be tarred and feathered it’s all those who drive when they could bus; who drive bigger and more wasteful vehicles then they need; who have not yet add solar panels, geothermal and windpower to their homes; and most importantly, all those who still vote for the two big parties who are almost wholly funded by those with a vested interest in boundless profit through pollution!

2 05 2008
Dianne Cunningham

I have a difficult time understanding how anyone can see the destruction created by the Tar Sands but continue to approve more of the same. How can any human being not believe that there will be a huge long term price to be paid? Surely no one thinks that it will simply fix itself!
Five hundred, five HUNDRED!! ducks just died – at one time! No one can make excuses for that. Oh.. the noise makers weren’t working then. Noise makers shouldn’t be needed. There is nothing natural about requiring loud noises in order to maintain the safety of ducks. We have laws stating that no such projects will be developed on migratory paths. How can they continue to be approved? Why do we elect a government if those who are elected fail to enforce their own rules?
How can a government allow the health of those downstream from the mines be seriously affected and not act immediately? Why do we even need laws that state that no project shall adversely affect the health of community members. Shouldn’t that be simple common sense?
Come on, Stephen Harper!! Act in the best interest of all living members of the world, and all those yet to come. PLEASE.

2 05 2008
Carl Dillon

Why are we giving away our future to US oil interests. Tar sands development has gone too far and environmental standards are just too low. We need a pause to consider appropriate regulation and just how much we should sell to the US without something far more valuable than just money coming in return. We have a precious commodity in both our natural environment and the oil. The US is desperate for oil and wasteful of natural resources. Since they are so dependant on our oil why are we selling it so cheaply. If we turned the taps off is there really anywhere else they can go?

2 05 2008
Alesha Bruce

The amount of fuel and water that goes into the production of oil coming out of these tar sands is ridiculously high!!!!!! WE KNOW THAT TAR SANDS ARE DESTRUCTIVE TO OUR HOME>>> THE PLANET>>> YET WE CONT. CONTRIBUTING TO THE CREATION OF THESE DETRIMENTAL JOB SOURCES…

2 05 2008
Terry Lawrence

The oil is only going to get more valuable with time. There is no great rush to extract it right now, excepting for making some corporate executives and large oil company stockholders rich.

Do not issue any further permits for at least ten years while we study the impact of existing developments on the environment and see how climate change is developing.

2 05 2008
Nistal Prem de Boer

The ratio of spend energy to produce a little makes the tarsands into a the biggest oil consumption enterprise in Canada. This is the prime reason why we are now a rogue nation, not respecting our international Kyoto obligations.
The water being wasted on the project is needed for essential activities like farming. The money generated by this project is spend for the great majority not on sustainable enegy, building and transpportation investments, but in the usual frivolous ways, that make the crisis we are in more profound. It does not create more wealth, only more poverty for generations to come.

2 05 2008
Tina Novotny

This is environmental genocide perpetuated for the sake of mounds of money in the pockets of a few. They laugh at the on-going degredation all the way to the proverbial Alberta bank. Break up this clique of Canadian oil profiteers fuelling this travesty. Hold them accountable or the people will make the politicians pay.

2 05 2008
A. McCormick

The mass death of over 500 migratory ducks in Alberta as a result of touching down in a liquid toxic Syncrude tailings dump, known falsely as an innocuous pond, should be an obvious warning to the residents of that province and to all Canadians. There is no long term environmental or economic wisdom in maintaining toxic waterbodies, especially at a size that could exceed 40 kilometres in area. The technology to keep waterfowl and wildlife away from
these liquid dumps is clearly not working, particularly as they lie along a major migratory route.
As these menacing tailings ponds are a primary feature of open pit mines in the areas scarred by tar sands, they contravene the Migratory Birds Convention Act. In addition, what we are seeing with migratory waterfowl is but a tip of the toxic iceberg that impacts residents of Alberta in the immediate area and downstream.
Wildlife protection measures must be implemented immediately. Please develop renewable forms of energy, most needed in this era when we know the impacts of carbon based fuels on the environment, and phase out the tar sands.

2 05 2008
john shirley

Stop tar sands approvals. Sort out Alberta and their destruction of migratory birds contrary to international convention.

2 05 2008
Marilyn Hubley

Its about time nature and the environment is considered first before big business.

2 05 2008
Jon Eldridge

The government is supposed to protect the people from greed, from foreign interests and from environmental degradation. Both the Federal and Alberta governments have failed on all 3 counts.
No new tar sand developments…..that is the very least we can do.

2 05 2008
Pat Jackson

The duck deaths are only the tip of the iceberg, a very visible manifestation of a long-standing problem. This must be addressed and rectified before any further expansion of oil sands projects is approved.
After all the years the projects have been going, there is still no documented evidence of successful reclamation of mined areas.
The health of the planet and the economic and physical well-being of people not only in northern Alberta but throughout our province and the world are far more significant than the temporary wealth to be gained by faster exploitation of this resource. It will still be there when better and less harmful technologies become available.
Let’s wake up now and take meaningful action. The government should stop spending moneh trying to delude the people of Alberta and the world and instead start taking action to change the situation.

2 05 2008
Doug Brubaker

No new oil sand permits until the industry can be cleaned up! The toxic tailing ponds are a hazard to migratory birds, and humans and animals down stream.
It is about time that this filthy industry cleans up before making more mess.

2 05 2008
marnie macdonald

i am ashamed to be a canadian now. the tar sands have always been problematic to say the least, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The idea that we poison the air waves with sounds that keep birds away!!!!! and of course interference on top of interference doesn’t help, only hides the real problems. like putting a bandage on a dirty wound.
please for the sake of our country’s environment, our world’s birds, and our future, begin to put these concerns at least equal to the thirst for profit and oil.

2 05 2008
Diana Brubaker

Tailing ponds prove to be a threat to migratory birds. There needs to be an immediate action to restrict access to all animals, children, and people on the exsisting systems to avoid catastophries such as losing 500 migratory birds!

Then there needs to be serious reprocussions to the company responsible for not following the guideline for protecting migratory birds.

A complete and thorough enviromental assessment by someone outside the Albertian government of the potential hazards needs to be done ASAP at which point the government needs to take steps to implement policies to eleviate these hazards. At that time it could be decided if more tar sands can be managed in a away that elimantes risks. Until then they need to agreeing to more tar sand development. This needs to stop!

2 05 2008
Phil Mullin

Yes, this migratory bird problem seems just another in a long list when it comes to the tar sands. Mr. Stelmach and Mr. Harper, please consider the damage this is doing to plants, animals, rivers, humans and probably, in the future, the economy.

At the same time, all of us who are concerned about the tar sands project must do all we can to limit our consumption of oil if we want to make legitimate claims against the expansion of the tar sands. Let’s all work on this together!

2 05 2008
D Fare

Crimes against Nature by Tory Government’s Again!!!!!!!!

2 05 2008


2 05 2008
Cora Krommenhoek

Action tomorrow is already too late. Please help save our wildlife and our world!

2 05 2008
Richard Pearson

Tar sands oil extraction should never have been started in the first place. Environmentally, it is the worst source of oil ever exploited.
It serves us in the short term by meeting our local needs and satisfying our masters in the USA. In the long term it accelerates our rush to global warming disaster, which is not far away.
When will the politicians, corporations and people get it? Almost certainly the answer to my question is ‘too late’.
Can your conscience handle this, especially when you think of your children and grandchildren?

2 05 2008
lyn paterson

maximum destruction for maximum profit for the fewest people – that’s the tar sands.

2 05 2008
Sheryle Carlson

The negative impacts of petroleum’s use in our world is becoming ever apparent. Alberta, Canada, governments, bankers, corporations, people: we must explore and utilize energy and other material/derivative alternatives.
These alternatives should encourage cooperation, localization but global interdependence, and equal access to life’s basic needs. Through negligence, fear and greed, our representatives and those money mongers who pressure them are unwilling to accept a initial capital loss for exceeding gains that will profit a future for a majority. The potential for a more diversified economy with respects to alternative energy – in manufacturing, production, financing, is enormous.
As Albertans, let’s resume the pioneer legacy by exploring and investing in other means to put fuel in our cars and harvest our crops, become leaders in sustainable and efficient energy production, with respect to conservation and sharing our discoveries with the world.
We must account for the debts we are placing on the environment and social health, and for every product we consume- its moral and ecological impacts around the globe.
What is progress? It’s NOT developing the tar sands.

2 05 2008

Mr. Harper and Mr. Stelmach, please consider that those of us pleading for the environment have the welfare of your children at heart, as well as our own. Ill health caused by a poisoned environment knows no favorites. Clean up the existing mess and stop any further development.

3 05 2008

Let’s make every Monday at noon, a two fold message on the steps of the legislature:
Stop the tar sands now.
No nuclear plants in Alberta, ever.

3 05 2008
Genevieve Noel

Please and go for a visit via Google earth and have a “bird’s (duck’s) eye view” of Fort Mc Murray . The devastation is overwhelming and it is a crime against all living creatures.

With the current processing ratio of 1(oil) to 10 (H2O), in as little as 10 years, what will be more precious, water or oil?

Please wake up and get your head out of the tar sands; we can no longer afford unenlightened leaders.

Thank you for your soon to come courage.

3 05 2008
Dave Tickell

Big oil and its puppet province need to give it a shake! This lack of public accountability by these players justifies federal intervention before it is too late. Do they really want a return to signifigant national pressure for a new National Energy Policy? Does the Harper government have the courage to oppose the oil interests? Let’s hope so!

3 05 2008
peter naylor

It is time to stop and reconsider our exploitation of the non-renewable fuel coming from the tar sands. Our political leaders must take the long term view not the short term expediant one.

4 05 2008
Mary McEachern

The illegal positioning of a tailings pond in the path of wild birds was not widely known outside the area until a whistleblower disclosed the recent tragedy. It reveals the need for an investigation of health impacts on humans and wildlife. When I taught in Fort McMurray in the seventies and early eighties there were school children affected by cancer. One of my Grade Two students lived with it until she died at Junior High entry age. To my knowledge there was no research on the incidence of cancer or other possibly environmental diseases in the area. I would recommended a suspension of oil production until a satisfactory study of environmental impacts on humans and animals is completed.

4 05 2008

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4 05 2008
Andy Davis

Is it true that when the US invaded Iraq in 2003 that President Bush and the Canadian Government met together and negotiated some arrangement to proceed with the Tarsands Development?
The Tarsands is a monstrous destruction of our boreal forest and is leaving an ever enlarging scar on our natural landscape along with a ripple effect on downstream draining rivers. I would like to see the process stopped immediately. As this will not happen please do not expand the project any further. And I urge our Federal and the Alberta Governments to start passing legislation to constrain the corporate exploration of our earth’s surface – and then enforce it.

4 05 2008
Mel M

The Alberta Government appears to think that the environment doesn’t matter, they continue to use the economy as their trump card. At some point, the majority of Albertans will realize how much we have lost under this current government and there will be a political backlash. It’s pretty sad when an Albertan can point to Danny Williams as an example of a polititian who actually is more concerned about his constituants than scoring points with the oil companies. When Ed Stelmach retires, it will be interesting to see which oil company he will be employed buy.

5 05 2008
Joscelyn Proby

The Tories seem so hell bent on industrial expansion, they are not thinking of people’s health, nor of quality of life, nor even of the economy, and what will happen when we finally run out of dirty oil. With their huge majority they could easilly afford to stop and think and plan for our future instead of hurtling into it so recklessly.

5 05 2008
Jaime L

Stop developing the tarsands!

5 05 2008
Richard Pearson

Oil extraction from the Alberta tar sands appears to be the WORST idea in the history of human use of fossil fuels. Those responsible will go down in history in the list of the most infamous. That is if we are going to have any historians in future. They may be wiped out along with most of humankind when runaway global warming happens. We may already be too late to pull back from the brink.
I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. Their best chance may come from their living in Fortress North America. On the other hand, the less fortunate parts of the world may take revenge on this continent, which has done the most to cause the problem and the least to correct it. We will suffer a lot more ‘terror’.
The present Alberta and Canadian governments will be among those held most responsible.

5 05 2008
Marilyn Ortwein

I am very concerned about the impact the oilsands are having on the quality of water within the province.

5 05 2008
dawn waring

When will we ever learn that the quality of life FOR ALL must take precedence over this insane race for profit?

6 05 2008
Mark Muller

God “IS” Laughing,

Whatever your religion; whether you be Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian,Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or anything else; whether you believe humanity controls it’s own destiny, whether you feel everything is pre-ordained or whether you think only chaos rules. Consider the collective whole of it all as God for a second please, just for the purposes of this analogy?
God is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful. God is also all loving and all forgiving and ultimately allows all behaviour.
And right now, today, here in the present moment God is allowing us just enough rope to hang ourselves. Regardless of outcome God’s wry, sardonic chuckle will echo on throughout time, with humanity or without us.
The choice is yours and ours either way.

7 05 2008
s henderson

For the sake of all of us, birds included, stop making such a mess!!!

7 05 2008
Tracy Frost

Dear Prime Minister: I am requesting for you, our leader to sit down with our environmental leader, David Suzuki and talk about this issue, not as a politican, but as a human, as a father. Come on, you can do it!!

8 05 2008
Jenn Dickie

Our environment is simply something that should not be allowed to be bought, for any price. We have no right to rape the land, leaving it scared and damaged for our own short term gain. It is the responsibility of government to speak no only for the people but for the land and all it’s creatures and to ensure we have something to pass forward to the next generation.

8 05 2008
prof.meyer brownstone

A crime against nature and humanity. An exercise in willful destructiveness and greed

9 05 2008
Korin Young

The Answer Is No

9 05 2008
Karen Dawnn

I am saddened by the recklessness of our modern world.
As our wild places diminish, what wonder and unseen magic will also become a thing of beuty gone?????????

9 05 2008
David Kraus

Stop tar sands pollution and destruction just to feed SUV’s, 4×4 pickups, and other obnoxious fossil fuel guzzling vehicles. I think these vehicles, along with further tar sands development (destruction), should be made illegal now !

9 05 2008
R Wilson

Why don`t all you green nics just form a colony and live like the Amish? You could set an example for all the world to see.

12 05 2008
Janette Johnston

The tar sands project, as I understand climate change, is Canada’s worst contributor.
Do politicians not understand people want the government of our country, which has an abysmal record on meeting our 1997 Kyoto commitments, to act, to charge carbon emission taxes, to show that it realizes climate change is the most important issue of our time? Show leadership. You lead a democracy and this is what Canadians want–commitment to Kyoto Accord and serious reduction of carbon output.

14 05 2008
Leslie Catling

This is the wrong direction to be going in! Leaders who promote the status quo as answer to the energy crisis are standing in the way of the development and commitment to real sustainable solutions. The cost of the Oils Sands is too high on so many levels. Stop further expansion immediately!

15 05 2008
Guy Rollins

The Federal and Provincial Government’s support of the Alberta tarsands development is clear evidence that we have criminals in positions of power, and we, the people of Canada, have elected them to these positions. A fine mess, eh ! All our wonderful leaders, in their “power suits’, with their ‘higher education” and law degrees, are clearly not qualified to lead anything or anybody, but nothing will come of mere protests. They
obviously don’t care, and there’s too much money involved. How many people will remember at the next election ?

15 05 2008
Kimia Ghomeshi

It is shameful that there hasn’t been greater consideration for the devastating exploitation of people, animals, and the environment. No new approvals without the genuine assessment into the social and environmental impact of tarsand developments!!

17 05 2008

This hurts me.

22 05 2008
glenn king

We need to develop renewable energy sources and diminish oil sand production

22 05 2008
Ron McAllister

Blah blah blah, all I read are verbal protests. When are we going to ramp up our protests to get the attention of these oligarchs of oil? Nelson Mandela spent 25 years in jail for protesting against the white establishment in South Africa. He was willing to make a personal sacrifice for something far less important. Are we willing to fight, truely fight for an issue hugely more important or will we merely write our feckless letters to leaders deaf to the wishes of the people?
Can anyone tell me of an issue more important than this one?
Isn’t it ironic that the party that was sponed in Alberta (Harper’s Neo-Cons) show such disregard for the environment? If Harpers minions are willing to let their own backyard go up in flames for money think what he is capable of doing to the rest of the country?
Time to ramp up the protests or you won’t have anything to fight over.


22 05 2008
Mary Belyea

This is unacceptable! We need to start considering the health of our children and those who will come after us, as well as the health of our environment.

22 05 2008
Beth Workman

For the sake of OUR WORLD’S CHILDREN, we must make changes for a cleaner and sustainable future now.

23 05 2008
Joe Shields

If there truly is a god and is truly a hell, then all people responsible for people dying from pollutions in the air and foods and waters will surely burn in the fires of hell.

Joe Shields.

23 05 2008
Betsy Mustard

I wonder how many of us are contemplating seriously the need for humility, gratitude, and “downsizing” to be able to accomplish using less gas, oil, electricity, products, food. How many can let go of our expectations for more, bigger, richer… and accept what we “need” as “enough”.

Our country needs to be a more like a wise elder, offering wisdom and assistance to shift the balance of wealth on our planet, and to be an example of environmental respect. We have the knowledge, resources, finances, and the ability to accept the challenge of willingly downsizing for the benefit of the whole.

Can we accept the challenge?

In my view the critical mass needed to do this is growing, and this is the message we need to be sending our government, and the world. I am committed to my personal accountability and engagement in life to get there. Is my government willing to represent me?

23 05 2008
Ludovic Clavier

The Tar Sands region alone is responsible for two-thirds of the Canadian CO2 emissions. In times of climate change, this has to stop NOW.

23 05 2008
Marnie Macdonald

We need a moratorium on the work done in the tar sands. it is rocketing Canada to the top of the world’s worst polluters and I am dismayed and ashamed of our country’s behaviour.

23 05 2008
Brigitte Wellershausen

Please stop destroying our planet – our home!

23 05 2008
elisabeth urtnowski

I am horrified that these projects are continuing despite the damage done to people, animals, birds. I’m thinking of my grandchildren who will reap the pollution. You will be blamed by your offspring It’s time to control the Big Oil and mega corporations’ greed. We know their C.O.’s are rich enough And shareholders should not have more rights to money than ordinary people to a clean environment.

24 05 2008
Wendy McCreath

Listen to these collective voices! Do what’s right, not what’s expedient!

26 05 2008

I’m dimsayed that for every small achievement in the reduction of GHG emissions, projects like this make our progress meaningless.

Please demand more rigorous emissions standards and penalties for big industry!!!

27 05 2008
Roxane Strasbourg

We need to think saving human rights to a clean and healthy environment not more tar sands.

29 05 2008
David J. Parker

A new day is dawning although it is still twilght and there are too few signs of the event.
When enough of us realize the stupidity of what is happening in Alberta the politics will change.
Sadly, like so many environmental strories we will have to suffer many lost battles to eventually win the war.
Delusions about happiness through enormous wealth, or any similar myth are difficult to break and many people have to learn the hard way.
The light will shine again here but the effects will be with our children and their children to deal with.
Immoral? Yes. Unethical? Yes. But this seems to be the way humans evolve.
Surprising we have survived this long actually.

30 05 2008

Considering that Harper has big plans for big talks about climate change with the G8 countries, you would think he would want to clean up our act at home! Canada needs to lead by example.

8 06 2008
Rod E

Currently theres six big oil sands projects with 24 more pending! These oil companies pay the lowest royalty rates in the world. About two dollars a barrel according to this documentary I watched a few weeks ago. It really pisses me off me that they let these oil companies destroy the enviroment and take the oil for practically nothing.

11 06 2008
glenn king

I do not agree with further oil sand development. It is an environmentally devastating fuel source.

11 06 2008
Earl Beadle

This is an environmental disaster, this will affect our earth for many many years if the Canadian government does not put an end to the tar sands. Approval after approval with no consideration of the damage that is taking place. Please stop the tar sands the planet has been holding its breath long enough.

12 06 2008

I come from Alberta and am ashamed how archaic and barbaric Albertains are dealing with non renewable resources. What are you going to do when the whole province dries up? What little water there is, who’ll be able to drink the stuff that’s left? With all those engineers you crank out maybe its time they started putting some energy to renewable hydro power. Oh yeah and find some initiatives to cut those rednecks from buying Ford SUVs too.

12 06 2008
Lorraine Brown

The oil sands without addressing Schindler’s five points are utter madness and should be halted immediately.

Schlinder’s Five Points

1. The excessive greenhouse footprint.
2. THe excessive water use and water pollution.
3. Reclamation of pits and ponds.
4. Human health.
5. Acid-rain

These are all problems we CAN solve if we can address these problems also:
1. Give the Regulator some power and some funding
2. Oil and gas companies need to recognise the future liabilities they are creating and budget accordingly with firm commitments in place.
3. Need to move our economies away from hydrocarbons
4. Make it ethically wrong to harm other humans on the planet through environmental degredation (our right to a clean environment)
5. Change our mindset: move from the consumption model to a more sustainable paradigme.

I worked at an oil sands facility today and I feel like I have black on my hands and it won’t wash off.

21 06 2008
Roger Connick

Hmmmm this is embarassing I thought we were a green country. Well I have been charged with dumping demolition debris at the top of my driveway, it consisted of old rotten boards from a old school house built in the early 1900’s the wood probably came from the woods I own now and protect from being clear cut like so many of my neighbours woods did. The fine$200.00 and was ordered to clean up, this is basically insect play ground and near future compost. The charge was brought about by one of our local business’s that is in the demolition business, I guess they figured I should have trucked the wood to their facitlty and payed their fees. Sorry environment comes first for me.

So this is going to tarnish our image as a green country, so in turn our visitors will be turned off, I would think. We are all share holders in these business that are making this mess, so lets speak up and end this raping of our land and clean this mess up now before more people and the environment and poor animals that don’t know any better. You would think we would have learned from the Sydney tar ponds, but the almighty dollar rules I guess, as coonsumers we have a lot of power so say no to these companies that are responsible and lets pressure our elected officials to do what is right, there must have been environemental assesment done, and if this was allowed under this act, wtf is wrong with us.

21 06 2008


26 06 2008


30 06 2008
Peter Driftmier

They are irreversibly poisoning our land, water, air and people, without having to pay any damages. I am one tax payer that refuses to have that burden on us citizens!

Tar Sands Extractors: clean up, pay up, or get out!

5 07 2008

i agree. with EVERYONE! yay.. but i do actuallly. and its jerks like that who are the ones making those ‘yay lets save the environment commercials’ i hate that, and them

11 07 2008
Anna Kalins

Cherish the earth – it is the only one we have!

16 07 2008
Gordon Howell

I agree with David Schindler on his five points. I agree that the tar sands development needs to be halted until these issues are addressed. However we all must realise that the oil from our tar sands is part of America’s National Security strategy… and that NOTHING gets in the way of America’s National Security. Our governments are getting demands from America, which they will easily back up with their military, that nothing must get in the way of quintupling the tar sands production “quickly”. All these decisions regarding tar sands production and the associated tar sands processing heat from nuclear energy are fait accompli because of America’s National Security.

17 07 2008
Jessie Schwarz

Less Talk, More Action.

25 07 2008
Paul Naccache


25 07 2008
lorac sullecram

The Alberta government has allowed the ruination of our education system, our health care system (if you don’t think privatization is around the corner, you’re pretty naive), cut down huge swathes of Boreal Forest, pollution of our environment, and devastation of our landscape. Soon we will be Texas of the north with big business fat and rich and poor Albertans dying from cancer and other environmental health problems. When few people even bother to vote and those who do vote, vote for a tired old government who promises nothing and delivers less, I guess we get what we deserve! YEAH GREENPEACE! I love your daring do.

25 07 2008
Jacqueline Gremaud

Un gouvernement élu doit agir de façon responsable. Le respect de la biodiversité et de notre écosystème est une des importantes responsabilités qui lui incombent. Agissez vite monsieur Harper.

25 07 2008
Marie-Pierre Beauvais

La destruction ne fait que commencer.

25 07 2008
Gaëtan Royer

Vivre et laisser vivre et non pas détruire pour aspirer à mieux vivre… Nous n’avons pas d’autre planète de rechange, il vaut donc mieux la garder intacte autant qu’il soit possible de le faire.

25 07 2008
Marie Giroux

It’s very urgent!

25 07 2008
Johane Beaupré

Nous allons directement à notre perte ! L’exploitation des sables en Alberta coûte trop cher, les coûts environnemetaux sont élevés et la facture qui la payera ? Le gouvernement est à la solde des exploitants, sinon il aurait déjà interdit ce massacre. La quantité d’eau utilisée pour ces traitements est immense et lorsque l’on pense à tous les humains qui souffrent de ce manque…C’est ignoble ! Voilà un bel héritage pour nos enfants.

25 07 2008
Marielle Mencé

Let’s indeed fight for the environment and people’s health, for the future and let’s develop a true environmental awareness.

25 07 2008
Marielle Mencé

Let’s indeed preserve the environment and people’s health. Let’s also encourage more environmental awareness.

25 07 2008
Monique Paré

I am a midwife and I’m worried about the future of the children.
I have the impression that people have children to enjoy raising them, but care less about their future on a dying planet.
I use to have a vison for a better world. But its fading behind smug and destruction of natural ressources.
We all know that there are “clean energy” solutions.

25 07 2008

i want it… dead or alive

25 07 2008
Réal Labrie

Une horreur qu’il faut stopper au plus vite! La Terre n’est pas à notre service et au service des financiers.

25 07 2008
Joseph Patenaude

Have a look at Guy Nègre air car!!!! citycats, multicats, youtube:Guy Nègre.

25 07 2008
François-Guillaume Leblanc

Il est temps de faire quelque chose pour mettre un frein à la destruction aveugle de notre environnement.

25 07 2008
Roseline Perreault

Il est vraiment urgent d’agir… Quand comprendrons-nous que la Terre est un cadeau précieux que nous devons préserver et non pas exploiter?… Ses ressources ne sont pas éternelles et à la vitesse que nous les consommons, elle ne peut se regénérer suffisament, elle souffre de sérieuses difficultés à s’adapter aux changements radicaux que nous lui imposons et elle s’essouffle, pour notre grand malheur. De plus, nous laissons des traces indéniablement néfastes après notre passage. Elle doit vraiment avoir hâte de nous voir disparaître de sa surface, car nous sommes le pire parasite qui existe sur sa peau.

25 07 2008
Nicole Durand

If we can send man to the moon, we can find a better way!

25 07 2008
Richard Vincent

Stop this destruction and show the things to do at the world…

25 07 2008
Denise Parnell

Please forward to Dear (!!) Mr. Lougheed and Mr. Harper:

RE: “World’s Dirtiest Oil: Stop the Tar Sands.” Located on Syncrude Canada’s Aurora North site, just north of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

destruction taking place in Alberta’s northern boreal

What is it you don’t understand to this following statement: “Elevated levels of rare cancers and auto-immune diseases have been plaguing and killing members of downstream communities like Fort Chipewyan, diseases which have been linked to the industrial pollution from the tar sands.” Your actions are destroying the Alberta’s northern boreal.

Know that the WORLD is aware of your doings through the INTERNET.

Remember that whether it’s praise, love, criticism, money, time, power, punishment, destruction of any kind, space, sorrow, laughter, need, pain, or pleasure… the more of it that you GIVE to either PEOPLE or ANIMALS, the more of it you will RECEIVE. IT’S ONLY A QUESTION OF TIME.

25 07 2008
Kelly Elizabeth

What are we doing to this land of ours?! It’s outrageous and what the politicians and CEOs don’t fully appreciate is this is an issue for us, never mind our children and our children’s children…this is a problem now and has to be address very aggressively so that all is not completely lost!

25 07 2008
Julie fontaine

It’s too terrible. Il y a eu l’année dernière à Radio-Canada, un excellent reportage sur les sables bitumineux. J’ai eu l’impression d’assister à un film d’horreur… Il faut que les gens prennent conscience du désastre qui est en train de se produire en Alberta. Et tout ça à cause de “requins assoifée de pétrole” AGISSONS!

25 07 2008
john wiles

Think long term not the short term balance sheet method.

25 07 2008

Protect our planet not only our economy.

25 07 2008
M-A Corneille

Les impacts environnementaux et sur la santé devraient être la priorité, et supplanter l’appât du gain…Je nous souhaite bonne chance.

25 07 2008
Marc Habel

Come on M. Harper; what are we waiting for! Now’s the time to be creative.Don’t you guys realize the tide is rolling back to common sense; better business and respect for future generations.There’s got to be a cleaner way to make money, money,money. A new age is upon us and you guys will have to get onboard sonner or later….otherwise you will find yourself picking your noses and selling pencils on some street corner.Stop focusing on your noses and look ahead! Our future is clean;wether you want it or not!!Make our day!

25 07 2008
Doris Ouellet

For our children who are and will be we have to protect the earth!

25 07 2008
Isabelle Deschênes

Honte à nos dirigeants de prétendre que le Canada représente un leader du développement des énergies renouvelables et de l’effort environnemental global. Ce n’est de toute évidence qu’une façade de marketing…

25 07 2008
Mary O. Buie

Remember the scenes in Lord of the Rings where Saruman’s forces prepare for war. They raped the earth and despoiled it for their evil purpose. The oil sands are similarly raping a huge area of the environment – and threatening riversheds as far as the Arctic . To what purpose?

Make no mistake, Mr. Harper. This will be your tragically evil legacy to Canadians.

25 07 2008
yvan denis

La terre est ce que nous avons de plus précieux.
Protégeons la.
Il n’y a pas que l’argent,dépolluer coûte aussi très cher.
Il y a aussi la santé des gens qui n’a pas de prix.

25 07 2008
Danny Vitez

Can we use our head to manage the world , not money and only money!

25 07 2008

Pour la Santé de notre Planète!
Pour Notre Santé!
Pour la Santé des autres…

25 07 2008
Kandi Wood

We the ‘Great Canadians’ , who pride ourselves on pushing the envelope and living green, have yet another sad, tragic reminder here, that perhaps we are not all that green. Sometimes I wonder if we are no better than some of the 3rd world countries who continue to over pollute and over populate based mainly on ignorance and the demands from the Western world for their insatiable appetite for ‘goods’.

We are not ignorant, are we??……………..


25 07 2008
Janet Burrows

Don’t repeat the mistakes of the States! Go green. Keep the integrity of the ecosystems. Find alternatives NOW. Use carbon cap legislation to economically enable alternatives and move in this direction. Life as we know it on Earth needs this change and move.

25 07 2008
Marie-Chantal Bouchard

Because people health must be more precious then money !!

25 07 2008
Mathieu St-Onge

What are you waiting for M. Harper ?

Don’t you care at least for the future of your own children ? Take action now !
CANADA NEEDS TO LEAD THE WORLD IN NEW GREEN ALTERNATIVES TO FOSSIL FUELS FOR ENERGY USE. Are you up to the challenge that lays in front of your government ? Let’s say that a whole lot of canadians doubt it…

I don’t agree with what’s going now as we speak in your home province…

Don’t be such a coward

25 07 2008
Julie Loiselle

We have to do somethings.

25 07 2008
Andrew Brook

Mining the tar sands is both dirty and wasteful — beyond belief in both cases, actually. Development must be stalled at least until a clean source of heat is built and technology that uses little or no water is developed.

[PS: the site asks for mail above, not email.]

25 07 2008
Christian Roy

J’ai déjà peinturé des structures près des bassins d’hydrocarbure chez ultramar. pas besoin de vous dire qu’à l’odeur l’on devine assez bien le niveau de toxicité.

25 07 2008
Stephane Russell

Les vastes terres canadiennes sont l’héritage de nos enfants et notre fierté. Elles nous ont été confiées. L’hymne nationale ne cantonne-t-il pas fièrement «True north strong and free»? Et si l’heure du bilan était venue, quel serait pour nous le verdict? Ce bilan aborderait l’échec!

Que devront-nous écrire aux générations futures qui verront s’étendre sous leurs yeux un «franc-nord» fait de vastes terres dévastées par la pollution comme à Fort McMurray, de forêts entières coupées comme en Abitibi, de quantités inimaginables d’eau potable infecte comme dans les Grands Lacs? Que diront-ils de nous, leurs ancêtres? Que nous avons été des héritiers responsables?

Les forêts, lacs et rivières ne sont pas notre propriété exclusive, nous les avons en partage. Elles sont l’habitat naturel d’une multitude d’animaux. C’est leur maison que nous saccageons. Quelle chance que les animaux soient des victimes silencieuses et impuissantes! Car quelle raison pourrions-nous leur donner pour justifier nos agissements? La lâcheté? Oui! La lâcheté!

Les sites naturels comme la rivière Athabaska ne sont pas des dépotoirs ou des éléments décoratifs. Elles sont des véritables organes vivants de la Terre. Le pire n’est pas venu. En plus des animaux, des multitudes de personnes subiront éventuellement le même sort lorsque cette rivière leur enverra son eau infecte plus au sud. Des hommes, des femmes et surtout des enfants verront leur avenir lourdement hypothéqué par des graves problèmes de santé. Puisse le nom amérindien de cette rivière nous rappeler qui nous sommes, oui, car personne avant nous n’avait réussi à faire autant de ravage!

N’oublions pas que la majorité des peuples vivent dans des espaces exiguës. Certains pays ne sont pas plus grands qu’une ville. D’autres ne sont que des déserts où les sources d’eaux sont rares ou salées. Au Canada, nous avons la chance incroyable de partager entre nous un espace vaste, riche et rempli d’eau potable. Saurons-nous un jour mesurer cette richesse à sa juste valeur?

Shame! Shame! Shame!

25 07 2008
Caroline Lubbe-D'Arcy

The tar sands I am sure are generating wonderful income for Alberta, but sacrificing nature to the extent that extracting oil from the tar sands requires is unconscionable.

Making money without giving a care about the damage you are doing is WRONG. No further explanation is necessary, except : we are all born with a conscience. USE IT!!!

25 07 2008
Éric Manseau

Il est plus que temps que les canadiens (citoyens et dirigeants politiques) modifient radicalement leurs rapports aux énergies faucilles, aussi bien comme producteurs que comme consommateurs. Si nous souhaitons léguer à nos enfants, une planète où la vie sera encore possible et de qualité.

Non-seulement il est urgent de se conformer aux objectifs des accords de Kyoto mais également modifier en profondeur notre mentalité et nos habitudes de vie. Toutes alternatives valables aux énergies faucilles devraient être encouragées, voir subventionnées. Aucun effort ne doit être minimisé et chacun d’entre nous doit utiliser son imagination, ses connaissances et son influence pour solutionner ce problème.

Il nous faut maintenant considérer l’indifférence, l’inaction, le dénie et la dérision face au réchauffement planétaire comme des actes suicidaires.

25 07 2008
W Wo

Please STOP destroying our earth! What do we want our kids to live on?

25 07 2008
phil alexander

You were put in office to represent the people. Stand up to the worlds controllers and do the right thing. Stop this pollution pit. Save our environment. Search for ways to get our energy without harming our planet and everything living on her.

25 07 2008
Julie Bonneau

Stop the power of money. NOW

25 07 2008
Caroline Lubbe-D'Arcy

I am sure that Alberta is enjoying the fact that it’s economy is booming because of the tar sands. However, sacrificing nature to that extent is unconscionable!!

Making money with absolutely no regard for the damage you are causing is just WRONG! Especially if all the money being put into the tar sands could be spent on developing alternative energy options. We don’t have to do this!!!

We are all born with a conscience. That means that we should USE IT!!!!!
We will get the payback for the sins we have committed against nature. BELIEVE IT!! It’s happening already……

25 07 2008
JoAnn Ransberry

I am raising four wonderful and amazing children, I would like to think they are growing up in a country which shares the same morals and values I am teaching them. With the irresponsible behaviour demonstrarted in decision making around the further production of tar sands alone I feel this is not the case. We need a goverment which is not to be cowed by the US or any other power in the world, which will make decision with the future in mind not just the next 5 years between elections.

The time is now to make changes for the future.

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the worlds problems.” Mohandas Ghandi

25 07 2008
Kil Ju Sul

please stop the tar sands project !!!

25 07 2008
Caroline St-Louis

Pensons développement durable. Pensons aux générations qui suivront. Et pensons aussi à cette nature qui a besoin de notre respect pour survivre.

25 07 2008
Huot Marc

Approuved this Petition Enought is Enought.

25 07 2008
Marie-Christine PARET

Quelle tristesse et quelle catastrophe pour nos enfants!

Quelle honte pour nos gouvernants!

Le peuple du Canada ne veut pas d’un bien-être à ce prix!
Les requins des affaires et de la finance vont-ils triompher sur les ruines de la terre?

25 07 2008
Janot Gosselin

L’environnement est plus qu’une mode, il fait partie de notre quotidien. À trop vouloir nier le respect que nous devons entretenir avec la nature, nous nous exposons assurément à des conséquesnces désastreuses et ce, dans toutes les dimensions de notre vie. Si c’est le propre de l’être humain d’aller au bout de ses folies, nous pouvons dire que la situation mondiale actuelle en est une preuve flagrante. Enfin, il importe de se rappeler que chacun de nos petits gestes compte et celui de la pétition d’aujourd’hui en fait partie. Continuons d’affirmer nos convictions !!!

25 07 2008
Andrea Peloso

The current situation with the tar sands is hearbreaking and terrifying. You are not listening to the ever louder messages from nature and people to STOP. We have the intelligent solutions to move away from oil as a society. We must enact these solutions now, it is already past when we should have begun. There is no excuse for perpetuating this abusive cycle. Stop the Tar Sands and all future development.

25 07 2008
Rosemarie Mart

The total insanity of the anti-civilization in which we live has to end and it will – with our survival or without. We cannot continue to destroy the entire planet and expect that it not destroy us. Stopping the tar sands expansion is only one of the steps that must be taken.

25 07 2008
Christian Huot

Stop the eco-terrorists! Harper and Stelmach must be made accountable for their eco-crimes.

25 07 2008
Martine Huysmans

What will be left to drink for humans, plants, animals when all water is polluted? Oil? What will be left to eat when the land is contaminated, barren or build over with shopping malls and highways? Concrete, tar… or money?
Humans aren’t cars, trucks, or robots; we are part of life on this planet, and as such we need pure water, wholesome food and a clean earth.

25 07 2008

Something needs to be done to reclaim our world, the longer we leave it the more destruction will happen. IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR OUR GRANDCHILDREN???

25 07 2008
Benoit Royer

M. Harper, c’est la vie de nos enfants qui est en jeux !
Veuillez-vous tourner vers le lobby de l’énergie verte plutôt que ce lobby destructeur de notre avenir.

25 07 2008
Sheri Schroeder

I am outraged! It’s our beautiful country and our leaders in power are allowing and promoting the tar sands. Our leaders are responsible for the destruction of our environment, our water, our wildlife and it is sure that our leaders are not going to claim responsibility for any of this or for the human illnesses and deaths that are sure to come because of the tar sands. Our leadership is destroying Canada (country of peace, and beauty) Tar Sands, peace making Canada involved in a war, a war with no plan for winning and no plan for leaving. The U.S. is going down in flames and our leadership is taking us down with them. Where have all the Leaders gone? Where are the people of character, courage, conviction and common sense.

25 07 2008
Marie-Eve Morin

We are acting like if we were a third world country, so busy surviving that we dont care about the impact on the earth and the social healt issues. It’s a shame and it makes me very sad. Please start taking serious mesures now!!! This is a crime against our planet, humans and animals.

25 07 2008
Heather Wilcox

This tar sands are horrible, especially when there are new and cleaner ways to get energy. Why doesn’t Canada get with the future of renewable energy, which is getting cheaper all the time and stop polluting our beautiful country?!?

25 07 2008
serge lamarre

Non, je ne vais pas signer une pétition en anglais dans mon propre pays. On a l’impression d’être colonisés.

25 07 2008
Barbara Paolini

I am deeply disturbed by the tar sands. It is amazing the lack of concern for the environment and ourselves, our government has, just to fill their greed for money. The tar sands should be stopped entirely and alternative solutions used where ever possible and conserve the oil we have, until we find solutions for those which can’t use anything else but oil product for operation.

There are so many alternatives to use and so many more that can be created, there is no excuse or need for the tar sands. I have learned that the oil from the tar sands burns 3 times more carbon into the air then regular petrolium oil product, this is enough reason alone to not use it. I think the Alberta and Canadian Government really need to stop the stupidity and make the necessary changes to meet the demand of nature. In the news, it stated the majority US mayors refused the use of tar sand produced product and the Canadian government had to find at least one allie, so if the majority there were smart enough to refuse it, shoudln’t we be?

25 07 2008
Elaine Siu

As an Albertan we all care about our economy, environment, society and communities. The tar sands are a huge problem to anyone living by a refinery, upgrader or around the tar sand sites and tailing ponds. Whole communities are getting sick and health studies take time to complete. We are not asking to put a stop to the current already approved developments just to stop any new approvals for development as Alberta tackles these issues rather than continuing to contribute to the problem. As Albertans we will be left with the hefty bill of cleaning up later so let’s try to hold our stakeholders accountable now to help pay for sustainable development and clean up (i.e. gov’t and oil companies). More investment can also be done into green jobs. We are an energy dependent province more so than any other province because so many of our jobs depend on it. Since we have a surplus from oil revenues the gov’t can invest that money into green energy jobs (not nuclear – unsafe, I’d hate to live by one, wouldn’t you? and it is not emission free from the mining, transportation and processing of uranium) so we can start becoming less dependent on oil and gas. It is not wishful thinking if we all push for it. People never thought we would be able to capture solar energy and yet we are getting better and better at it with research and development in this area. It’s not the only form either. If we make a concerted effort all together I truly believe that Albertans can become the energy experts hub of the world.

25 07 2008
janice arandelovic

please take care of our earth. Something must be done to stop companies making big prifits at the expense of ruining our environment.

25 07 2008
Anna Berg

Dear Federal Government, I like you in general, though I voted for Greens. But you have to understand that people nowadays are actually willing to give up some of their conveniences in order to ensure their children’s and grand children’s good health . Show leadership! Show the world what Canada is about!

25 07 2008
Jodi Hammond

I just received a letter in the mail stating that Ben Harper wants to “get tough on youth thug crime…” and then it told me that “NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW”. This made me sigh.

It then asked me who I thought was on the Right Track on crime?
I had three choices: Stephane Dion, Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, or Elizabeth May.

This is where I ask my question:

If Stephen Harper stands for “Real Action. Real Results.” Then where is the action to the environmental crimes that are taking place in Alberta??? I do not believe that these youth thugs that are destroying our country and running free without penalty need to be of main focus in this election. Maybe we can just send them to live downstream from these tarsand projects in Alberta until their trial so they are not running free?? Hmmm…lets re-think where our priorities are…

You said it Ben Harper, “Nobody is above the law”…regardless of how much revenue they bring in.


25 07 2008
Chris Krajewski

Dear Sirs,

There are many ways of containing the progress of consumer habits and habits with our plastic society. One from without, the other from within. We are now in a recession. People will not buy it when it needs to be productive for sociable and personal sustainability. Why just develop to tempt people to interests of mere extravagant and unoriginal concerns. Basically, American Culture is not sadistic. Who needs the guarantee of oil sources for the Energy of the future Man like this Tar Sand project satisfies?

In the end our Tar was only for Asphalt, which in itself is not profitable.

Chris Krajewski

25 07 2008
Nell Howard

We have to begin to take care of our planet. It’s OUR future! Stop this insanity!

25 07 2008
Alain Gaudet

greed kills. money is evil. i guess i cant complain cause i didnt vote but i still think this is stupid. . . we all have to stop consuming, i mean overconsumming! (surconsommation)


25 07 2008
Brian Pavlicic

Oil is not worth so much that we need to ravage the wilderness and risk our health to support this old technology.

25 07 2008
Rowana O'Fallon

Please, forward to those men who claims to be leaders.

Remember that what you do now will have consequences not only tomorrow but today. What you do now is left to YOUR (and, of course, our own) children. Tar Sands exploitation (or any things that have to do with it) is absolutely not what I want to leave to my daughters!

When you do wrong, and waist and spit on and kill Mother Earth, you are doing the same dang thing to yourself and leave it to your children. When you destroy lands, the Earth, you destroy life on it… And this include human race.

Remember, that the world is watching and judging you. It is only a question of time before more human (Canadians) develop dis-ease, cancers and simply die.
And worst, It is only a question of minutes (for them), before animals (who NEVER ask for this kind of *sh*, and who CAN’T avoid becoming victims) dies in your dirty hands. Polar Bears are dying up there, because of US, because of YOU. Will you dare accelerate their darkest fate? Will you dare accelerate ours?

The world is made to be in gentle equilibrium. When one fall, others shall follow sooner or later.

I can’t believe that, in 2008, a country can decide such a thing. And I can’t believe what my Country had become…

Keep this in mind.

25 07 2008
Sue Denim

Stopping approvals will only do so much to help the problems that Alberta faces. Mines are not the only method of oil extraction, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) happens at a very high level and fits under the radar because it is seemingly “less invasive”. In reality, the intensity of the SAGD developments make habitat just as unusable for many of our wildlife species (see reports at In fact, much of the wildlife habitat destruction occurs BEFORE A PROJECT GETS APPROVED (for both SAGD and mines) in the form of seismic exploration.

Although stopping approvals will help, stopping exploration and the exploration rights of new leases (which was advocated to the premier last year by the industrial and government led group CEMA), would be just as important.

25 07 2008
elizabeth hodgkinson

Could we just stop long enough for us to see what we are doing and how we are destroying (much more than just the earth) for the long term and stop just focusing on the money to be made. Elizabeth

25 07 2008
Vera van Diepen

What a shameless legacy! Where is the political will to care for people more than profits!

Forest E Whitecraft wrote “A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

What will Klein/Stelmach write? Likely something closer to “A hundred years from now it will not matter that my bank account was enriched through sleeping with the corporate oil giants, or that I allowed the destruction of the entire world through the production of dirty oil, or that I allowed the continued growth of cruel factory farms ( … the world will be different because I put my own selfish actions before that of future generations and have almost single-handedly assured that there will be no life for any children.”

25 07 2008
Mike Bray

Mr. Stelmach- have some guts and stop this tarsands insanity. What legacy do you want for your grandchildren? My grandpa was premier when a large part of Alberta and beyond was ruined on a massive scale for short term financial gain?

25 07 2008
Donald R.Donaldson

If our Federal Government continues to SIDE with the U.S. instead of STANDING UP FOR CANADA’S FUTURE , there will be NO FUTURE AT ALL!
Harper & Alberta are DISGUSTING!!

25 07 2008
Vincent Breton

This government dosen’t control the oil. This oil is american own on our territory. That why government do nothing. Canadian oil should stay canadian own and kyoto objectives won’t be a dream …

25 07 2008
Kevin Richardson

I really with the Harper government was intelligent enough to understand that the planet is all we have and that “business as usual” threatens all of us.

Maybe he still believes the Bush administrations view that global climate change is a hoax put on by “a few wacky scientists”!

Thanks to the courage of those Green Peace members who are actually doing something. It’s a good reminder to me too, that I also need to do more… we all do.

25 07 2008
Yvon Ethier

This message is(should he ever read it) for the big boss,Mr Stephen Harper.
Forgive me for not giving you my best regards as it would be a lie.
What the hell are you doing? Are you aware of what’s going on?
It really troubles me to think that the fate of my country is in the hands of someone who takes these crazy decisions and to think that so many trusting people voted for you…thank God for People like the people of GREENPEACE!

25 07 2008
Kevin Richardson

I really don’t think the Harper government is intelligent enough to understand that the planet is all we have and that “business as usual” threatens all of us.

Maybe Harper still believes the Bush administration’s view that global climate change is a hoax spun by “a few wacky scientists”!

Thanks to the courage of those Green Peace members who are actually doing something. It’s a good reminder to me too, that I also need to do more… we all do.

25 07 2008
Yvon Ethier

Same moderation that they use.

25 07 2008

end the tar sands (or if you’re too scared and greedy and don’t understand that there are perfectly valid alternatives, then at least put in full pollution control – tar sands is a form of legalized murder).

25 07 2008
Sarah Redmond

Canada can do better than this!

25 07 2008
Naomie L. Durand

I would like to know why we have to explain to the government that he’s killing people, little by little, but still killing people. Don’t care if it’s the people of is own country, the people is children, women and men. I won’t talk again the Alberta, because i’m here right now and the people are not all inconscious. But Harper for sure should rethink about it and see what will happened in 20-50 years from here. Maybe he don’t care because in 50 years he wont be here, and maybe he doesn’t care about his family.

25 07 2008
Helen Ollerenshaw

As far as global warming is concerned, I’m afraid we have met the enemy, and you know who he is!

25 07 2008
Gynette Lefebvre

It is a crime against nature and canadians. We pollute to please the USA. The oil extracted from the soil, will not aid our economy. However, we will have to deal with the pollution, contamination of air, soil, animals and humans caused by
by this wrongdoing. It is done not for Canadians but for the pocket of multi national petrolium companies and financial prosperity of a few.

25 07 2008
Robin Lee

From one who lives in Alberta, please stop expanding the oilsands, and properly regulate or shut down the existing ones. Stop wasting our every dwindling drinking water to extract oil (the oilsands use twice as much water as the entire City of Calgary). Stop destroying our boreal forests, which is the last air filter we have from all the oil currently being combusted. Stop with the tailing ponds. Stop displacing our aboriginal peoples to destroy larger and larger pieces of land. The federal and provincial governments don’t even get honesty royalties for these resources… why do you give up so much for nothing? And please start a fund, to clean up the mess when the oil companies go away (ie. Turner Valley).

25 07 2008
Joanna Myers

We need to think of the impact our actions today have on the world of the future.

25 07 2008
Yan Fortin

There is simply NO FUTURE to tar sand development, period. If I was an E.T and were looking at the tar sand energy needs, I would say these folks are freaking out of their mind, it doesn’t make sense!!! What planet are they living on???

Tar sans or oil patch development, name it as you wish, is simply a destruction of mother nature, period!

Imagine in 100 or 200 years ahead from now, what legacy are we leaving to future generations?

25 07 2008
Samuel Levy, PhD

The true horror of the tar sands project is that it represents a quadruple whammy to the environment: 1) On exracting it, it destroys the boreal forests which help to purefy the air; 2) It leaves behind the dreadful waste products which are impossible to clean up – both as leftover oil and waste water used to wash it; 3) It wastes enormous amounts of precious clean drinking water; 4) Its end-product is a “dirty oil” used to burn, producing a mess of stinking greenhouse gases. Finally, of course, the clean water used to wash it, must be heated first!
No matter what the spin doctors say, it can never be cleaned-up and leaves the soil in a state which cannot support new growth.
Please. Put a stop to it now!

25 07 2008
Mr and Mrs Dean Cofell


Please do not allow any further pollution of the rivers of Northern Alberta. Many of our fellow Albertans are living downstream from the Tar Sands; the lives of these people are in jeopardy.

Mr and Mrs Dean cofell.

25 07 2008
J. David Scott

Stop the talk—start the action!

26 07 2008
Charles Tessier

Pour garder le pouvoir ils sont pret a tout, ils se fichent carrement de la sante des gens et celle de la planete, ces politiciens ne sont plus humain, ce sont des monstres.

26 07 2008
Pascal Gauthier

Just STOP! Enough is Enough !!! Your children will be asking: What daddy did to support us? I am sorry to tell you that my son but your daddy pollute your land and the land of your children.He was a selfish man and he wanted as much money as possible.
Just Stop!!

26 07 2008
vaso stambolija

stop the tar sands

26 07 2008
Jessica Ball

I am ashamed of being Canadian when I think of how the federal government is jeopardizing the future for our children and grandchildren in Canada and beyond though the federal and Alberta governments’ willingness to damage the environment in order to assure corporate profits. There is no pay-off for anyone in this mishandling of the government’s responsibilities to the Canadians and Canadian children yet to come.

26 07 2008
Cynthia Sanderson

We are destroying everything that we touch. The earth, the animals not to mention each other. Enough is enough.

26 07 2008
Romain Jalbert

Please, for children, stop that.


26 07 2008
Barb Bentham

It would be a wonderful thing, if Canada became a leader in responsible, proactive and environmentally friendly development of our precious and abundant, renewable resources. Turn your greed elsewhere. Look instead to what is easily feasible to develop with the cleanest prospects. This tar sands business seems to be very ugly! Will we be able to hold our heads high, years down the road?

26 07 2008
Bosse Elisabeth

Lets be a responsible country.

26 07 2008
André Blais

What about responsability on this fragile planet?
Don’t you have any conscience of our children’s future going to be like if we let polluters pursue their goals?
Less talk, more action on the right lane…

André Blais

26 07 2008
Valerie Wettlaufer

Stop putting corporations ahead of citizens health and environment!

26 07 2008
Devon Willis

I want to live in a country that I am proud of and I cannot be proud of Canada when we continue to invest in the tar sands and dirty non-renewable energy sources. I want to see us take a leap towards a sustainable energy future. I want to see more windpower, more solar power, more investments and subsidies to get these types of energy going. The oil industry is dying— let it go and move on. We are intelligent enough to know that oil is not a possible future for us AND it’s a future that will destroy the territoty being exploited, the air, the water, and the lives of the people who are being affected by the tar sands now and in the future. It does not make sense to do this! Let’s invest in OUR future. Let’s invest in sustainable and clean energy,
Thank you.

26 07 2008
Martha Szilagyi

I agree with Greenpeace

26 07 2008
Yvon Ethier

I got a little carried away on my first message and I want to say i’m sorry to Mr Harper.I should not put these issues on a personnal basis.Thank you
Best regards
Yvon Ethier

26 07 2008
Myron Kremko

To clean up the areas mined of tar sands will require much more money than the ultiumate worth of this so called resource. It will certainly dwarf the cash that Canada (Alberta) will aquire for the sale of this product. This is based on the clean up costs of the Sydney tar pits. This of course does not include the costs to Canada’s health care system. I have read articles published on the Canadian Mining Journal website that indicate these facts by an industry magazine. The author was first deriding the environmentalists who oppose this venture as ignorant and anticapitalist until in the susequent publciation she did some reseach to admit that the so called environmentalists are correct in their condemnation of the extraction of oil from the Alberta and Saskatchewan tar sands

26 07 2008
Ameen Ahmed

No new approvals on oil sands development!

26 07 2008

Mister the Prime Minister,

Here’s a little priority list that I think will help you with your responsibilities and engagements towards Kyoto, your children and the Canadian citizens:

1. Stop the Tar sand development
2. Increase tax on big polluting industries and drivers with the most polluting cars
3. Put more money into wind power, solar power and other clean and renewable powers
4. Put more money into public transport, bike paths and ski paths in the cities
5. Support the collection and composting of green waste
6. Support carpooling initiatives and self-sufficient communities
7. Increase the protected areas and national parks
8. Clean toxic waterways and basins
9. Develop, promote and support Canadian eco-tourism
10. Support the development and marketing of alternatives engines

May you be happy, have a guilt-free mind and do the right things.

With regards and respect for you, Mister the Prime Minister,
Noemi Desmarais

26 07 2008
irene brochu

WHAT DO WE NEED TO STOP ALL THIS UGLY GREED!!!! aren’t we suppose to have smart and logical men to represent us, but they too are becoming affected with the disease called GREED…………living around these natural resources is becoming scary…………all those innocent humans suffering from cancer, all those animals killed, the soil contaminated, trees dying, rivers and lakes, how can one not care about all this magnificent nature surrounding us, wee need to respect the planet, and all its resources!!!!!

26 07 2008
Bob Stevenson

I certainly support this petition. What irony that the GHG generated from the Tar Sands are melting the glaciers that feed the rivers of Alberta. Talk about short-sighted.
Bob Stevenson

26 07 2008

I was talking recently to a gentleman deep in the oil business..
Although nothing new for any of us, he confirmed for me the fact that the numbers that the oil industry submits is only half of the amount of oil that they actually produce. Because they own the governments they are not accountable to anyone.. Of course very obvious to all of us, the smaller the number of barrels they say they produce the more it costs.. Now with the inflated cost of oil, the tarsands become cost effective, however they are completely unnecessary.
The cost to the environment is not being considered here.
What will it take for human beings to realize that it isn’t worth paying so much money to destroy ourselves and our only planet. I am beside myself with frustration.

26 07 2008
Paul Armstrong

If there is no pollution of the Athabaska river from the leaking of the Syncrude tailings ponds, then why are natives, living down river from these tailings ponds suffering a rate of cancer 4 times the national average? This is corporate genocide by the most mean spirited, greedy, mendacious and callous corporate gangsters in Canada. It is time both the federal government and the provincial government hold public inquiries in to this mess. This will be Canadas’ largest environmental mess…and the taxpayers will be paying to clean it up, while getting very little in return as far as royalties go. The booklicking going on at both levels of government is appalling. Support Greenpeace and others who are fighting this “OIL MAFIA”!!!!

26 07 2008
Zacharie Barabé

We need to stop to be dependant of oil. Sorry for my bad english.

26 07 2008
Glen Smith

The long term environmental effects of the tar sands far outweigh the immediate financial gains.

26 07 2008
sharen fuchs

Stop any further expansions until Canada’s environmental pollution and health threats to Canada’s communities are cleaned up.

Bring in strict laws and consequences to enforce the protection of our environment and our people’s health

26 07 2008
Rhonda Meier

The environmental cost is not worth it. Please, let’s devote our limited resources and human energy to finding alternative solutions, and keeping Western Canada clean and beautiful for succeeding generations.

26 07 2008
Mary Andrews

The Tar Sands are a blot on Alberta, and on Canada. Canada used to be a leader in regard to progressive thinking. The Tar Sands and the attitudes of our federal and many of our provincial governments place us at the back of the pack. This needs to change before we dig our own grave.

26 07 2008
Alex Day

I hate the way Alberta is not managed. We have the most highly sought resource in the world and instead of managing it and profiting wisely we are giving it away in an obsolete stimulation package, at the expense of our real valuable resources; our land, our air, our water, our wildlife and our people.

Unacceptable, stop it!

26 07 2008
Kyle Creelman

It’s simply not worth it

26 07 2008
Nadia Rafii

I pray for those in power to open the minds and see further than their noses, cause we’re all in the same boat and if it sinks, all will go down! No title will save its bearer!

26 07 2008
Jessie Armstrong

T’es un con Harper… Merde!!! Écoute donc ce que le peuple à a dire!!! C,est notre pays après tout!!!!

26 07 2008
Frants Attorp

This project is a crime against nature and all of humanity. I can see absolutely no difference between the holocaust and what is happening right now in Alberta, except that this time it is not just humans who are victims. The end result is the same: everything and everybody dies in a very unpleasant manner. And it’s not as if we don’t know what is happening…everything is very well-documented by writers such as William Marsden and others. Stalmach is a modern-day Goebbels…tell a lie big enough, repeat it often and soon it becomes the truth. He recently stated: “Albertans place a very high value on clean air, clean water and pristine open spaces. They are our heritage and they are not for sale at any price.” If he believes this he is in desperate need of psychiatric help!Personally, I would rather eat beans, wear rags and live in a shack than have all this blood on my hands.

26 07 2008

Canada’s shame! Can’t our country work to help the environment rather than destroy it?!

26 07 2008
Tanya Laurin

Only, stop it for a better world!! PLEASE!!!!

26 07 2008
Mr. Gary Hanes

From childhood I’ve tried to follow the basic principal “Do onto others…..” Unfortunately the political system integrates that wording with an extension
“-but do it first!” We the public, knowing full well the “BS” afforded us by our elected, allow the deceit. Laws are constantly amended to protect these people with complete government judicial clout and finance. We, on the other hand can only fight with what’s in our pockets(in the legal stance). What’s left? We know what’s wrong and who’s doing it. A precedent must be set and by whatever method, to force an equitable response. As individuals, we’re talking this world to death. It’s time for change or else…..’bye’

27 07 2008
Lisa E Davis

I’m American, on the other side of the border. I hate watching a decent country like Canada get sucked into the fathomless US thirst for fossil fuels. If they cannot drag you into their dirty game, they will have to turn to alternative energy sources sooner rather than later. Say a prayer for us as presidential elections loom.

27 07 2008
Arlene Callaghan

The tar sands operations will pollute and decimate the water supply that Albertans will need in the future.

27 07 2008
Annie Trépanier

A quand les véhicules électriques? ou a l’hydrogène ?
Ces technologies ont été inventées depuis longtemps!!

For When The Electirc vehicles and hydrogen power? These technologies already exist for a long time!

27 07 2008
France D.

M. Harper,
we all need to do our part, and I do know your part is maybe bigger that alot of us, but that is why you are where you are, BE A GOOD, HONEST, RESPECTABLE, COURAGEOUS AND HONNORABLE LEADER…DON’T FALLOW THE STATES EVIL WAYS…MAKE US STILL BELEIVE IN YOU MISTER HARPER
France ^j^

27 07 2008
Éric Deslongchamps

Il est temps, pour le bienfait de la planète, que ce gouvernement conservateur commence enfin à écouter les citoyens et à mettre en application des mesures et des solutions qui répondent aux préoccupations des canadiens concernant l’environnement et le développement durable. Ce gouvernement n’agit pas démocratiquement et bafoue nos droits de citoyens. Les gouvernements du Canada, peu importe le parti au pouvoir, doivent se soumettrent davantage aux désires qui dominent chez leurs concitoyens…

27 07 2008

Poison for the future of the children !

27 07 2008
Linda Cobb

Please stop the madness. The dollars gained today will not cover the cost to clean up the environment and to replace the Canadians who die or are ill because of the toxic waste being dumped!
Invest in the obvious – the sun and water power.

27 07 2008
Talia McHugh

There are alternatives. If there is a problem a solution can be found. It just takes a lil work… The Govenment CANNOT take the easy way out any more!! It’s destroying the land and it’s destroying the lives of many Canadians. This is our home! Not a product to be sold an bought to the highest bidder…

27 07 2008
Stephen Chitty

by Stephen Chitty

They came – the 500
to add their feathers
to the TARnished image of Canada.
We cannot duck the shame.

We must own our original Sin crude
while we share the air
that flows through
the infernal combustion engines of our world.

No solace
(as our lungs filter CARcinogens)
that it takes us three days of breath
to convert to CO2
the oxygen a litre of petroleum takes
to add to climate change.

27 07 2008
Lisa Penney

No more tar sands, they are destroying Alberta and influencing Canada’s stance on Kyoto. It’s got to stop. Alberta would be great for solar energy, not more tar sands!

27 07 2008
bradley coleman

its an outrage, we should be getting greener, not less green.

28 07 2008
Ted Woynillowicz

Immagine the possiblities for Albertans if only we had a government that cared and had an ethically based vision.

28 07 2008
Ted Woynillowicz

Imagine the possiblities for Albertans if only we had a government that cared and had an ethically based vision.

28 07 2008
Judith Deutsch

There should be permanent cessation of all oil extraction in the tar sands. Syncrude and other oil companies, plus the U.S. and Canada should clean up and begin the long process of restoring the top soil, water, forests, wildlife in the area and own up to causing increased rates of cancer.

28 07 2008
Joseph Parchelo

It is so sad to think what the Tar Sands project is doing to our Earth, both in terms of local destructiona and the climate change effects. Perhaps we have some hope in thinking that our input to request more careful scrutiny of such projects might make a difference.

28 07 2008
Rosalie McDougall

Less Talk, More Action. Especially during elections and at the voting booths.

Rosalie McDougall

28 07 2008
Roxane Blais

Comment pouvons-nous croire faire un monde meilleur quand des hommes agissent ainsi. Comment pouvons-nous croire habiter dans un pays développé quand le Canada agit ainsi. Pour l’évolution de notre pays, de l’humanité et la préservation de notre belle planète, stop the tar sand!

28 07 2008
Nicola Morris

I fear for the life of the many environmental refugees the government has made victoms of. I wonder when it will be my turn, will anyone stick up for me? If the government contaminates my land, my water, makes my family sick, leaves us destitute because noone will buy our lands because of the threat of sour gas…where will I go? You dont have the right to play god with the land. Canadians do not give you permission. We will remember. Mr. Stelmach and Mr. Harper, this environmental disaster and gross cause of human suffering will be in the history books with a picture of you and a caption that reads “It was their fault for not listening to the cries of Canadians from every province”.

28 07 2008
Ora Wood

Once the destruction is done, we really can not go back. Before allowing more permits, we need to deal with the present problems: water contamination, increased health issues for humans and wildlife, habitat destruction.

Although we presently acknowledge that petroleum based fuels are becoming limiting and our use of them is altering the climate, a more serious problem in the not so distant future is access to clean water. Alberta is already feeling the pinch. I would suggest the preserving sources of clean water is more valuable to our society than the use of that water to extract fuel.

28 07 2008
Linda Nadon

Chers Messieurs,
Nous sommes ravis de soutenir les politiciens qui, comme nous, ont à coeur les intérêts de notre environnement qui constitue l’héritage vital de nos enfants et de nos petits-enfants.
Merci de bien vouloir réviser vos positions et faire davantage d’efforts pour sauvegarder la flore, la faune et l’espèce humaine.
Linda Nadon, Montréal.

28 07 2008

You are supposed to represent the people who have elected you and the overwhelming majority of us are saying “put a stop to this”, “we want green alternatives”, etc…

The priority should be the average Canadian (all Canadians), not a few whose pockets are overfilling already

28 07 2008
Stephanie Wood

I echo Barb Bentham in saying “It would be a wonderful thing, if Canada became a leader in responsible, proactive and environmentally friendly development of our precious and abundant, renewable resources.” It is possible.

29 07 2008
Francine Rochon

Could we just take the time to realise what we are doing and how we are destroying (much more than just the earth) for the long term and please stop thinking of the money. Francine

29 07 2008
Annie Racicot

Let’s go green. Canada is a wonderful country and has to be for the generations to come.

29 07 2008
Lucie Begin

La race humaine est à ce point aveuglée par son sentiment de « supériorité » qu’elle ne voit même pas qu’elle est en train de s’autodétruire.

« Quand ils auront coupé le dernier arbre, pollué le dernier cours d’eau, pêché le dernier poisson, alors ils s’apercevront que l’argent ne se mange pas. »
Takanka Yotanka

29 07 2008

It drives me crazy to see that a majority of people are against pollution and doing whatever they can to solve this problem, while our government continues to ignore Kyoto and the consequences it has on our planet. Wake up and realize what you are doing at once!

Stop this NOW.

29 07 2008
Brent Burnstick

Mother Earth will come back with destruction for people are causing her considerable HARM.
Watch the water(levels rising-flooding), air-contaminated, animals-sickly,.
The world needs to wake up, and right away.
Ask certain people about MOTHER EARTH.

29 07 2008
L. Swyck

Stop the tar sands! Stop the environmental and animal damages! Make the oil companies more accountable! Preventions need to be demanded & consistently done! Oil companies should clean up their messes!

30 07 2008
Gilbert Lemire

Oil sands exploitation, what a SHAME !
SHAME on Stephen Harper,
SHAME on Gary Lunn,
SHAME on John Baird,
SHAME on Ed Stelmach,
SHAME on oil’s lobbyists,
SHAME on oil companies in place there.

30 07 2008
Kathryn Langley

Think ahead seven generations. One cannot eat, drink or breathe money. Protect our air, water, environment from greed and short term gain. The NDP understands this concept.

30 07 2008
Fran McCrady

We will not destroy the planet but our ability to live on it. We must learn to live with less to save our envirnment.

30 07 2008
Fabien dupuis

Stop that gain for money and think environnement. I’m really not proud of my gouvernement. You are a destroyer, and if we let you go i am afraid to have a dictator for 1er minister. You don’t listen what poeples want…

31 07 2008
Doug Engh

Mr. Stelmack, maybe it is time for you and your government to look around and see the destruction that is happening to the environment. We only have one planet on which we can live.
Maybe it is time to get with the program and start to live as if we wanted to stay here on the Earth.

31 07 2008
savard sandra

Forêt boréale, milieux humides extrêmement riches, flore et faune sauvages, on détruit notre précieux patrimoine naturel et rendons des gens malade pour en tirer du pétrole Cest INCONCEVABLE!!!

1 08 2008
Sue Throop

as usual, it all comes down to the almighty dollar…

2 08 2008
James Doll

Even if the oil sands could be extracted without any environmental impact (and they obviously can’t be!!!) we should be thinking twice about increasing production and increasing investment in this area because ultimately we will have to switch from fossil fuels to more sustainable means of energy production anyway. This switch is both inevitable and necessary… so lets get on with our evolution towards more sustainable ways of doing things and leave the fossil fuels where they belong – in the ground with everything else that’s dead and gone!

4 08 2008
Dussault Louisette

Please sir, Think a bit of the heritage of our children and grand-children we are leaving them ! What will happen ???
It is already to late, maybe! Just to think of the kind of summer we have!!!
Isn’t it a signal ???

5 08 2008
Max Halber

I have personally seen the Tar Sands area in the early 1970’s and if it was scary then it must be monstrous and insane today. But let’s not kid ourselves, nothing will change until we change the Capitalist system. Think about it!

Max Halber

6 08 2008
Corinne Lalande-Markon

Cette manière d’exploiter les ressources n’est pas absolument pas conséquente avec le discours politique qui prétend vouloir protéger l’écologie notre planète et l’avenir de nos enfants.
Chers Conservateurs, ayez au moins le courage d’exposer clairement vos intentions. Si l’environnement est réellement au coeur de vos préoccupations, investissez sur les sources d’énergies vertes et pour un développement durable qui sont exactement à l’opposé de l’exploitation des sables bitumineux…

8 08 2008
Sébastien Ducharme

Le pétrole est une énergie désuette. Il faut investir dans une nouvelle énergie plus durable et propre.

La voiture électrique a été inventer depuis tres longtemps et les compagnies pétrolieres ont fait de telles menaces et boycots que tout c’est éteint. Il est temps d’écouter notre bon sens et non une mega compagnie pour un avenir propre et sain.

8 08 2008
Audrey-Jade Dion

Pour exploiter une ressource non renouvelable, le gouvernement accepte de mettre en danger la santé de sa popullation, de polluer notre patrimoine naturel et de détruire la faune et la flore.

N’ es-t-il pas le temps que tout ça cesse? Que le gouvernement commence à respecter Kyoto?

9 08 2008
France Dombrowski

No new tar sands!

10 08 2008
E. Fuller

“The superior man seeks what is right; the inferior one, what is profitable.”

— Confucius

We are surrounded by the inferior. Fight back.

14 08 2008
Julie Martel

please stop destruction!

16 08 2008
Ann Truyens

It makes me sick to see what the Harper government is doing to the environment. The tar sands need to be stopped now before it’s too late and our beautiful country is destroyed forever just to supply the Americans with oil. This is insanity!

31 08 2008
Val Shushkewich

I am a naturalist with a particular interest in migratory birds. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, and now live in San Francisco. In November, 2007, a ship called the Cosco Busan nudged one of the piers of the Bay Bridge and spilled some bunker fuel oil into the San Francisco Bay, fouling beaches and creating a stench over the area. It is estimated that thousands of migratory and over-wintering birds died as the oil spread around the Bay. This event was highly publicized. I personally saw the effects on Surf Scoters; Western, Eared and Horned Grebes, and Common Loons. Because I had prior training in handling birds, I volunteered in the days after the spill at the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, and saw how hard it is to save a bird once it is oiled. Although I was covered from head to toe with protective clothing as I worked with the birds, the toxic oil fumes coming from the oiled birds was overwhelming.

I am astonished that the goverments of Alberta and Canada do not place a higher priority on the effects of the massive oil sands development on the environment. This development seems to be occuring over a very large area of Alberta. Although it is not in a highly populated area, it is extremely important for biological diversity as it contains major migratory and breeding areas. I am amazed that the government has already allowed such extensive tailing ponds beside the Athabasca River. According to an article on August 31, 2008 in the “San Francisco Chronicle” by Rob Gillies of the Associated Press called “Canada Exploioting Alberta’s Oil Sand”:

“There are concerns, too, about the tailing ponds beside the river. The ponds contain waste made from the separation of oil from sand. The toxic ponds look more like lakes and take up 50 square miles of northern Alberta.”

Jeff Short, a U.S. government scientist who studies the long-term effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, said if one of the ponds spilled into the river, the impact would be felt for decades – or centuries.
“It would be the equivalent of several hundred Exxon Valdez oil spills,” Short said.

6 11 2008
Jack & Pat Holway

Enough is enough! Stop the Tar sands for the good of our planet before it’s too late!

21 11 2008
RICHEZ Reynald

ceci a comme un gout d’amazonie….

11 12 2008
Aurélie LeBlanc

Il faut sauver la planète pour les générations futures! La pollution causée par les sables bitumineux cause des cancers, des maladies pulmonaires et cause la mort de beaucoup de personnes âgées plus vulnérables.

11 12 2008
Robert LeBlanc

M. Harper, cessez de nous prendre pour des imbéciles en nous faisant croire que de se fixer des cibles de réduction d’intensité de GES est la même chose que de se fixer des cibles de réduction de quantité réelle de GES. Une réduction en intensité est une réduction en pourcentage. C’est comme si une compagnie décidait de recycler 50% des déchets qu’elle produit. Rien ne l’empêcherait d’augmenter sa production de déchets, du moment qu’elle continue de recycler 50% de cette nouvelle quantité de déchets! Nous n’avons plus le temps pour la partisannerie et le calcul politique! C’est de la survie de la Terre (et la nôtre!) dont qu’il est question!

16 12 2008

I have seen the devestation. It is time to think of the people suffering in the communities downstream of the tar sands. It is time to put human and environmental health before big money.

6 02 2009
Yanick Maufrand

Le Canada, ses grands espaces, sa nature luxuriante, ses richesses naturelles… Foutaises !
Nous, ses récents habitants, le transformons jour après jour en désert. Un grand merci ironique en particulier à Suncor-la-mort et honte à son créateur destructeur.
Honte à notre gouvernement qui l encourage. Honte à nous aussi qui gaspillons l énergie à outrance. Un peu de conscience personnelle de la part de chaque canadien aiderait le futur.
Merci au Conseil des Canadiens pour cette belle énergie développée pour Nous.

9 02 2009

A bunch of my friends just went out west to work there.. at fort macmurray or mckay or w/e.. but that’s what got me to research it. And i’m glad I did instead of just picking up and leaving w/ them.

Their main reasons for going out there too is the pay … which makes a bit more sense now that I see what exactly happens to the environment. Just getting paid off for dirty work. Blood money if you will.

18 02 2009

think about 7 generations from now — there is no place for this crazy destruction going on in the tar sands when the vision places 7 generations from now at the centre.

We need leaders with vision, common sense, integrity. If you don’t have it, please step out of the way for someone else to take over.

18 02 2009
Rioux, Marie-Line

à quand la fin de la stupidité humaine et du universal greed

18 02 2009
A. Gentry

Nigeria of the North, indeed…..

18 02 2009
Micheline Demers

Je me demande toujours pourquoi ce qui apparaît logique pour le simpe citoyen ne l’est pas pour nos dirigeants! Revenons à des modes de vie plus simples et nous sauverons notre planète.

18 02 2009
Annemarie Delaney

Take your head out of the tar sands Harper!

18 02 2009
Norma Morley

What will we use for HEAT? I think the vast land in alberta should be used for WIND TURBINES erection and SOLAR power production.

Already some poor countries in South America, like Peru, have Wind Turbines, and also P.E.I. and N.B.

18 02 2009
France Dombrowski

Deep Green

19 02 2009
Sandra Morin

How can a democratic government, supposed to seek for the healt of his citizens can allow such policies? When will we have leaders that are able to think in the long term ? When will we stop these planet massive destuction?

It is ridiculus that even with all the profits they do, there isn’t more money to invest to limit all of their mess.

19 02 2009
Gilles Veilleux

Je suis d’accord il faut agir sur le champs pour réduire au maximum nos émissions et ne pas renouveler l,accord des sables butimineux

19 02 2009
Johanne Cote

Let my children grow in a healthy environment!

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